How to Restore Mac to Factory Settings Using “Reinstall Mac OS X” Option

Are you in a situation where you require wiping the hard drive of your MacBook Air, and concerned thinking “how do I restore my Mac?” Worry not and take comfort in knowing that it is fairly simple to restore Mac to factory settings. This article is a complete guide that will let you know the benefits of factory resetting, precautions to maintain, and the resetting process in detail.

Introduced in 2008 and designed for probability and performance, Macbook Air is a successful line of ultraportable notebook computers from Apple Inc. Those who own this device is sure to be a proud owner, but there can be various situations when you need to restore Mac to factory settings.

What is Mac Factory Reset?

Let us check out the situations when factory resetting gets necessary. However, prior to that let us first understand what a factory reset does.

When you restore Mac to factory settings, you are telling your OS to erase all your DATA and restore the device back to the condition it was when you first took it out of the box. That means all your apps, software, file, folders, and every single bit of information stored in your computer memory will get erased. But the data stored in the SDCARD doesn’t get affected by a factory reset. A factory reset deals only with the data and cache stored in the Mac’s memory. Reset never messes with the System partition. That means if you have a custom ROM on the device then even after the factory reset, you will have that same custom ROM on the device.

Situations When Factory Reseating Gets Necessary

Performing factory resets sometimes get imperative owing to the following advantages:

• When you are thinking of selling or handing over your MacBook Air, it is advisable that you remove all the traces of your data. In that scenario, performing a factory reset is a very effective step towards privacy.

• If your device has got a severe virus that is refusing to go despite all your efforts, then factory reset can help in removing that virus for once and all

• If you have accumulated too much of data in your Mac and finding it too messy, then just shift all your data to an external hard drive and factory reset your Mac. That will give you a complete new system with no traces of old data. Thus, you can start all over new with your same old device.

• If you have bought a new MacBook Air, and it is not factory reset, then first go for a factory restore and then start using the device.

Thus, now you know why and when the need of factory resetting arises. Now, move to the next section of how to restore your Mac to factory settings. As mentioned above, it is a simple process, which is explained below in a step-by-step format.

Step 1

• Power on your MacBook Air

• Using an AC adapter you can plug the computer into an electrical outlet

• Now restart your computer

• As it restarts and boots back up, press the ‘Command’ and ‘R’ keys together

• That will open up a ‘Utilities’ menu.

Step 2

• Once the Utilities menu opens, select the “Wi-Fi” option

• Choose either your home or work network

• Enter the necessary password information

That will connect the system to the Internet. You will need the Internet connection to download the necessary restore software.

Step 3

• You will be still in the Mac OS X Utilities menu

• Here, select “Reinstall Mac OS X” option,

• Now, your MacBook Air will lead to the Internet page with the necessary system restore software. Provide your Apple login information to download and launch the system restore software.

• Then, just follow the wizard steps to complete the restoring process. Once it gets completed, the hard drive of your MacBook Air will reformat itself.

• Once this process gets completed, restart your computer. Then login, and you will see that your system has got completely restored and now it’s just like a new out of the box Macbook Air.


So, now you know how to reboot a computer back to factory settings, but most importantly create a backup of your data. You can use an external hard drive or iCloud or any other relevant resource to save your data for backup. But before you do factory resetting of Mac or any device, it is highly recommended that you create a backup for the data safety.