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How To Restore Power In Seconds And Be The Envy Of The Neighborhood

your backup generator is the envy of the neighborhood

There’s an easy way to restore power in seconds and be the envy of the neighborhood. Millions of people are already doing it. But you could be the first one to do it in your neighborhood. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood when your backup generator automatically restores power to your home after the next neighborhood power outage.

envy, power generator, backup generator, fireplaceCuddling On Rug By Fireplace

You’ve had power outages before. We all have. How long did yours last? How did you deal with them? O.k. so you cuddled up with a loved one on a rug in front of a fireplace during a power outage. Well, you’re making me envious because we don’t have a fireplace. So we end up looking for candles, flashlights and batteries.

Your Chance to Shine

Maybe you’ve used a portable generator to get power during an outage. Portable generators can be dangerous and noisy. Besides, portable generators can’t power everything in our homes. But realistically, how long can we live by fireplaces, portable generator power and flashlights? Living like that can get old fast. Besides, that’s what everyone in the neighborhood is doing. So this is your chance to shine.

Trophy Wife

Do you remember how envious your neighbors were when you bought your new car? Do you remember when some of them stopped by to see it and others just slowly drove by your place? Maybe it wasn’t a new car that made your neighbors jealous. How about the time you went on a cruise? It could have been those new heels that your girl friends loved? Maybe it was new furniture, a lawn makeover, or a trophy wife., OR TROPHY HUSBAND that made them jealous!! Human beings struggle with being tempted to want what others have. So imagine the reaction from your neighbors the first time your backup generator restores full power to your house in seconds after a power outage while they’re homes are still dark.

The Martin family – Generator envy of the neighborhood

The Big Cheese

Will everyone call you the big cheese because your backup generator restored full power to your home after a power outage? Does big cheese describe the look on our face knowing that your house is the only one in the neighborhood with full power while everyone else is in the dark? Or does big cheese best describe this article? Either way, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood if you become the first one to buy and install a backup generator.

What Restoring Power Is Really About

While having a backup generator may make some of your neighbors envious, that’s not what it’s really about. Having a backup generator is about the security and quality of life that we all appreciate. Backup generators even go beyond just helping us live comfortably. A generator could be a critical part of your life if there’s a sick parent or child in your home that needs critical medical care. That’s just one example of why you could need a backup generator.

Your Families Quality of Life

So take a minute to think about the quality of life you want for family during an extended power outage. Do you want the candle and flashlight quality of life version or do you want the full power quality of life version for them. If the full power version, you need to buy a backup generator. Before you decide which one to buy, CLICK HERE to get more information because you want to be the first in your neighborhood to make sure your family has electrical power when they need it.

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‘Luxury Home Living Room With a Fireplace’ by FNS Sofres is under Creative Commons license on Flickr CC BY 4.0.

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