How to Romance a Woman

Have you finally found the woman of your dreams? Or perhaps, you have the woman of your dreams already in your life helping you discover even more dreams. Whether you have found your true love, your twin self, your hearts desire or not, in order to keep her, you have to keep her happy.

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You also need to know how to romance a woman. Nothing can endear a woman to you more than romancing her in just the right way, that is of course, if she is also interested in you. Otherwise, trying to romance an uninterested woman makes you seem somewhat threatening to that particular woman. It can also make you look somewhat nonsensical to others.

However, when you want to learn how to romance a woman you will need to thoughtfully consider the following, in order to be more successful at turning her head as well as gaining and holding her interest.


– Pay Attention to Her

Face it, women love attention. No matter who she is, where she is or what she does, women do enjoy someone paying attention to them. This is especially true when it comes to her romantic relationships. Of course, each woman is different to the amount of attention they may need or want will also vary. However, as you get to know one another, you will learn different things about each other. When she reveals her favorites, you should acknowledge and recognize them as various clues to how to romance your particular female.

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– Acknowledge & Recognize Her Favorites

Acknowledging and recognizing her favorites, regardless of what they may be; will vary from one woman to the next. The personal preferences and dislikes of any particular woman will clue you in on how to romance her. The things that you recognize as her favorites will also come in quite handy while shopping for her for special occasions, holidays and every other day.

– Sincerely Listen to Her

From the time you learned how to talk, you have always wanted someone who would listen to you intently, while also really understanding the deep down you. Women are no different. Even though they may jabber all day to one another, they really do want a man that will sincerely listen to what she is saying to him. Sometimes she just needs to get stuff off her chest, not that she wants you to do anything about what she is saying; sometimes she just needs the listening ear of someone she knows she can trust to even keep her secrets.

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Nevertheless, knowing that you are sincerely listening to what she is saying to you can really turn a woman on. Not only those hot and bothered places; no when you really take the time to listen to a woman you may also be turning on her mind and heart. While you are listening to her, you may also learn more clues to reveal things you can do for her or say to her when it comes to romance and getting closer as a couple.


– Take Thoughtful Action

Now that you are paying attention to her, acknowledging and recognizing her favorites, and listening to her you need to take the time to consider how to take action for romance. Above and beyond everything else, you should always be true to yourself. Learning how to romance a woman involves being yourself and doing those things that you discover as clues for romancing the apple of your eye.

Some of those actions may include inviting her to go places with you, doing things together and spending nice quite evenings listening to the birds sing away in the trees or the clouds go by. Taking action may mean taking the time to spend with her doing her favorite hobby. It may mean comparison-shopping for jewelry if you are thinking of buying jewelry for her. When you are considering gifts for romancing a woman, always shop with her in mind. If you are paying attention and listening you may just learn a favorite gift idea for her such as perfume, flowers, candy or even hobby related gift ideas.

You see, having and holding the woman of your dreams does depend upon the things you do to make her feel special. Remember, you need to pay attention to the things that she likes and the things she does in particular or characteristically. Listen to what she says while conversing with you, since this is part of a sound relationship as well as she will also give you clues to who she is, what she likes and how you can please her. Once you know the types of things she enjoys most as well as any clues she may reveal to you, you can then take action to do those little things that mean so much. When you take the time to learn more about the woman of your dreams you will learn how to romance a woman.