How to Save Money Grocery Shopping

We always do not care so much about or question how we spend money at a grocery store since we always assume that we all have to eat. If you paid a little attention to the money on groceries, you will realize that it is a significant percentage of your gross income. Remember that the grocery store, just like others, is a money making business and the ones who run it will entice you into spending more on groceries always. You cannot cut off groceries from your budget but you can cut down on the amount and avoid overspending on groceries. Here are some tips about how to save money grocery shopping:

1. Healthier choices are cheaper

how to save money grocery shoppingResearch has shown that those families that eat healthier foods through weight loss diets do not just lose excess weight; they reduce the amount they spend on food. The savings is made possible as a result of a reduction of the portion sizes as well as buying fewer high calorie foods which always makes your expenditure on groceries higher. Rather than going for the costly foods with a lower nutritional value, choose cheaper ones from groceries. For instance, flavored drinks, sodas and bakery items are low in nutritive value and mostly offer empty calories. They can be replaced easily by less expensive items from the grocer like sparkling water or 100% cranberry fruit juice for example.

2. Go for frozen dried or canned food

These foods are equally nutritive yet they are much cheaper than fresh foods. Dr. Oz has recently stated that frozen foods today have the same nutrition profile as fresh so the research supports the value of frozen foods. Since the drying, canning or freezing is done at a time when the produce is at the peak of ripeness most nutrients are retained since at this time, the produce has plenty of the nutrients. Some of the grocery items are flash frozen in order to reduce damages related to freezing as well as retain their freshness. The advantage frozen foods have over the others is that you only take an amount you need at that particular time then reseal the package and thereafter return to the freezer for future use. This way, there is minimal waste. Canned foods are stored using syrup, salty water or a bath of juice and often require rinsing. Dried fruits on the other hand are highly concentrated with flavor and make an excellent substitute for fresh fruits. You may also want to use evaporated or powdered milk. The guideline is that you buy a form that is cheaper, yet still nutritious.

3. Make use of the produce in season

When thinking of how to save money grocery shopping we should remember that seasonal food is cheaper and fresher. Most foods in a particular season will be allocated a price that will sell. For instance, in summer, the price of a cob of corn may be as low as 10 cents but come another season of the year, the corn on the cob will go at a price even 10 times higher. Keep checking the supermarket circulars to get the best purchases of fresh products in season. Shopping at your local farmer’s market can offer you better deals on locally available produce. The best part is that there will be no shipping costs. This is a great idea for those who dwell in a region with all year round farming and agricultural production.

4. Minimize food wastage

Right before you buy perishable food in bulk take time and think about how you will use it. You can make use of the leftover meat, poultry or vegetables in stews, soups, casseroles and salads. This will minimize food wastage. Be a little creative in the kitchen. You could consume the leftovers as breakfast or lunch for example. You can top a bed of greens with fruits, vegetables and left over chicken slices. Still, you can add a whole grain loaf of bread as well as pesto.

In summary, how to save money grocery shopping requires a bit of thought and planning plus its easy as long as you stick to your budget. Before you begin lamenting that groceries are too costly, check your list. Are there alcoholic beverages or cigarettes? If there are, then that is the reason why your budget is costly. Now go out and save money grocery shopping!