How To Say I’m Sorry

I'm sorry

Saying I’m sorry after a disagreement is hard but how to say I’m sorry is even harder. There are times when we offend loved ones and strangers alike. It’s easy to say I’m sorry or excuse me when you accidentally bump into a stranger but sometimes a thing that’s harder to do is to apologize to a loved one that we’ve hurt. It’s especially hard to say I’m sorry when you don’t understand why the person you offended is hurt.


How To Say I’m Sorry Will You Forgive Me

For any of us to say, I’m sorry is as easy as saying, “I’m sorry. Will you forgive me.” That’s  true but it’s also easier said than done. But you don’t want to apologize if you don’t understand why your loved one is offended by what you said or did because there are times when you didn’t mean anything bad by what you said or did.


How To Say I’m Sorry When You Really Have Hurt Someone

But does it matter if the offended person feels hurt by your actions and attitude? What if the shoe where on the other foot? Would you want an apology regardless of whether the person that offended you thinks you’re being too sensitive or not?


How To Say I’m Sorry | From the Heart

You have to understand and agree that you have offended before you can understand how to sincerely apologize. A sincere apology comes from the heart because you’re truly sorry for hurting a loved one. A sincere apology isn’t like when your parents made you apologize to a sibling after a fight or disagreement. Remember how you said “Sorry” on the outside but you were still angry and didn’t mean it on the inside.


How To Say I’m Sorry | Changing Attitudes and Actions

Sincere apology is more than just mouthing the words “I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?” A sincere apology includes understanding the hurt you’ve caused and purposing not to do it again. A real apology includes a commitment to changing the attitudes and actions that led to the transgression.


How To Say I’m Sorry | Be Vulnerable To Rejection and Wrath

Changing your attitudes and actions in order to say, “I’m sorry.” scares you because you  open yourself to be hurt by a persons attitude and actions toward you. Opening yourself up isn’t easy because you don’t want to be vulnerable to rejection and the wrath of the offended. But it’s a chance you have to take to make things right.


Of course you can always offer a peace offering along with a real apology. Flowers and or a dinner at a nice restaurant are old favorites when it comes to peace offerings. An apology and a peace offering is a place where you can get very creative and make reconciling differences a fun thing. When done right, this isn’t a means of buying forgiveness. A peace offering is way to celebrate figuring out how to say, “I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?”

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