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How To Score High With Link Building In 2015

Most websites rely on Google for traffic, and even when your website is not depending on traffic on the search engine major, you would still welcome the flow of visitors. Link building as a term is as overused as much as SEO, and many website owners have complained that despite all the search engine optimization techniques used by the them, their websites has been penalized, mainly since the time the Penguin update has been rolled out. Take a close look at the link building world and how you should be adopting to the same in 2015.

1. The job of buying and selling links will pass for this year because Google hasn’t been too kind with its guidelines.

2. The next and very important thing to note is excessive linking. So, if you have a few known websites and have been linking posts to each other with frequent posts, just with the intention of link building, it’s time to rethink. Also, it is pertinent to check that you are not stuffing your posts with keywords not use too many anchor links in between. The rule of linking in balance will apply to all kinds of posts, including blogs, articles and press releases.

3. Avoid tuning to programs that generate multiple links of low quality. Quite obviously, you would want to make sure that directories are used with care, so that Google penalization can be avoided. Sadly, most of the directors are intended for the game of link building, and therefore, the risks are high, but most SEO experts will still have limited choices. As such, choosing and posting on right directories is quite pertinent.

4. Stick to natural content. While content marketing will surely be around in some measure in years to come, the need for natural and quality content has magnified in many ways. Google has been very vocal in saying that relevant and unique content that can gain popularity on the web is what it is giving importance to. The idea of link building will be more about genuine and quality content in days to come.

5. Content quality is important, and so are guest posts. While a lot has been said on how guest posting will become obsolete, it is surprising that all leading magazines and onine sites are accepting guest posts. As such, guest posts and link building will be around in 2015. Make it a point to contact writers who can write valuable content and find the right blogs, websites and guest posting forums for posting the same.

Finally, link building will be much about quality and using the social networking world. Choosing link building techniques that match the needs of Google, because genuine links only generate valuable traffic that is worthy of the business in general. Also, website owners will have to look for relevant sites for posting links, which makes guest posting quite worthy for all good reasons. Change your approach to link building for changing the game.

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