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How to Secure Your System Using Advanced PC Maintenance Tips?

Are you looking for some advanced PC maintenance tips that can help you protecting your devices from virtual threats? Do you think that computer maintenance can seriously keep malicious threats away from your machines? If yes, then scroll the article to know some advanced security and prevention tips that can keep viruses away from your device(s).

Everyone needs access to the computer, and not even kids can refrain themselves from accessing their favorite websites, gaming portals and social networks. Cyber world is sprawling its branches in almost every domain, and the applications, software, and computer programs aren’t too far from its web. Malware authors use attractive offers, phishing schemes and unrealistic discounts to catch user’s interest, and once a user clicks on it, the virus gets installed on their device(s). Since not every user or kid is smart enough to judge the reliability and authenticity of the online content, it is important to adopt effective system security measures. Adopting PC maintenance tips will not only keep your data and software safe, but it will also prevent the computer components from being damaged to an irreparable extent.

If you’re a computer user and want to maintain optimal security to avoid major security breaches, then quickly adopt these tips to establish a strong security layer across your devices.

1. Protect Your PC

You can easily protect your computer against potential system security threats by not attaching any of the potential drives or peripherals that might contain an infection. On an average, every 3 out of 5, USB drives contain serious infections that can damage your hardware or software parts to an irreparable extent. Some of the external drives may also become a victim of cyber threats and infect all of the files stored on it, leading to data loss, data corruption, and data malfunctioning.

2. Always Use a Firewall

If you’re a Windows PC user, then there is nothing apart from the Windows Firewall that can restrict the entry of malicious codes into the device. Some of the antivirus and antimalware solutions also come with a private firewall feature to add a security layer to your browsing and computing experience. Computer hardware is by default the most favorite PC component of the malware authors, and they may make numerous efforts to cause major damages to it to make you feel helpless. Install a firewall immediately to check information coming to/from the Internet or a network and to/from your computer. Installing a firewall will simply help you to prevent hackers and malicious software attacks and restrict them from gaining access to your computer.

3. Use virus protection

Viruses, worms, and Trojan use the Internet to infect vulnerable computers, and it may steal your private data for fraudulent purposes. Viruses and worms can easily replicate themselves and transmit from a computer to other for infecting components, resulting in serious damages. Some destructive viruses, worms, and Trojan can also erase information stored on your hard disk drive and disable the PC hardware completely. Antivirus programs run regular scans to keep malicious files away from your computer and send immediate information to the user, when it attempts to make silent entries into the device. Microsoft Security Essentials works like a free antivirus program, but you should install an additional antivirus to protect your computer from new attacks.

4. Use Spyware Protection

Spyware displays lucrative advertisements and starts collecting user’s information, in case an innocent person mistakenly of unknowingly clicks on it. These infections can potentially change settings on your computer, without bringing it into your notice, and capture all the data to/from transfer between particular PC and the Internet. Whenever you notice unwanted toolbars, links, or favorites in your web browser, simply scan your system for spyware, and you’ll surely get surprised with the scan results. Install an efficient antispyware solution to avoid viruses that secretly collect sensitive information and send it to malware authors, who use them for committing cyber frauds.

5. Schedule Windows Update for Automatic Install

Microsoft regularly releases various important updates to keep Windows highly secured from the prevailing threats, viruses, and stubborn infections. Windows updates not only close all the system security loopholes, but also help in preparing your computer to fight against new viruses and other security threats. You can simply switch on automatic updating feature of Windows OS to receive these updates as soon as they appear on the Microsoft’s website.


All the above-mentioned computer maintenance tips can help you in maintaining optimal security and ensure excellent PC health for a long time. You should pay extra attention towards your browsing, website accessing and downloading activities to protect a device, network and account from prevailing threats. You also command your Windows PC to install only the recommended updates to enhance your computing experience. Some PC maintenance tricks may also want Administrator’s permission to change a particular setting or command, so provide an administrator password or confirmation, whenever you get a pop-up alert. Installing the latest web browser version, keeping it up-to-date and turning on your browser’s security feature also prevent online trouble at large.

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