How to Seek Girls

So you’re trying to find a date with a girl? You’ve been seeking everywhere for one? The first step for seeking girls is to identify what women want in men. Women like height, power, and good grooming. Women also don’t like deviations from the norm. They don’t want creativity, they want security. If you watch dating shows, you can see that women like boring conversations where men give all the ‘right’ answers and don’t like fun or orginality which might be more entertaining to watch on TV.

Women also don’t like to be approached out of the blue and they don’t like hilarious pick up lines. They like it if your meeting seems arranged like you both work at the same job together or you attend the same class together. The more natural the meeting with the girl you seek seems then the more likely the girl will agree to go out with you.

Now we mentioned earlier that women liked height. You have the option of wearing height increasing shoes, trying to look taller, or actually growing taller. Then there’s power which usually means having a good job. At a club or online, one option would be to lie about your job. The more blue collar your job is than the more appealing you will appear to your target girl. Women don’t like entrepenaurs or musicians. They like ordinary, every day jobs with security.

They also like good grooming which means teeth whitening, fingernails clipped, and all the other things you hear hammered at you all day long. Now remember what I said that girls don’t like guys picking them up? They don’t like to be approached at the gym, the grocery store, or any other place where they can’t discern what job you have.

So the best solution is to engage in as many activities as possible which will make you more likely to meet a target girl of your type. If there’s one particular girl try to happen to participate in as many of her activities as possible. Now this may seem like a pain but girls like demonstrations of commitment. What’s the opportunity cost of doing a cheesy pick-up line in front of her and her friends? What’s the opportunity cost of participating in a bunch of activities and trying to get to know her more?

Women love competition. This competition doesn’t have to be against other women. It can be against your job or hobbies too. Always act like you have more important things to be doing and that she should be honored to go on a date with her.

This makes it seem like seeking women is hard work and it is since many women would rather be alone or date a married man than someone who is subpar.