How to Select a Single Serve Coffee Maker

For those looking at one cup coffee makers, here are some tips on how to select a single serve coffee maker that will meet your needs. A single serve coffee maker is one that is intended to produce one cup of coffee at a time. That meas that there are no coffee pots to deal with. For a person on the go, a senior living alone, of if you just don’t want to deal with cleaning the carafe that comes with larger sets, a coffee maker for one is perfect for you.


One of the first considerations is the filters that are used. Some coffee makers use traditional small filters like #2 filters while others come with a reusable filter that works all by itself. In general, paper filters do a great job of filtering coffee but you have to buy them and keep them in stock. Reusable filters are great and will save you money but you do need to clean them out. A third option is with coffee pods or K-Cups as you get with a Keurig, where you won’t have a filter at all. If you want the ultimate in convenience in a filter, opt for the Keurig. Otherwise, consider a reusable filter over a paper filter.


The coffee cup height capacity is another consideration that is important if you want coffee on the go. This is because many travel coffee mugs are taller than they are wide and will not fit under some models. Make sure you know the dimensions under the drip or buy a single serving coffee maker that is made for travel mugs is that is what you will use a lot. If you will use the machine at home with a standard coffee cup you will be just fine with nearly any model.



When it comes to adding water you will find great variations. Some models require you to pour the amount of water that you want brewed into the machine before brewing. This is easy but can be messy. Others have a reservoir that holds enough water for multiple cups at a time. If you go through more than a cup per day this is a great feature. For those that just hold one cup, look for removable reservoirs as they are much easier to fill under the sink.


If you like coffee really hot shop well for the heat factor. When you compare single cup coffee makers you will see that some have adjustable water temperatures and other don’t. It is normal for there to be no bottom heat once a cup is brewed in these machines since you are brewing directly into your cup, so the heat of the water when it drips is what you are stuck with. Some people like single serve coffee machines better because they are not so hot, but for heat lover just make sure you get the adaptability you need.


Commuters will appreciate the ability to program the machine to brew a cup of coffee just before they get to the kitchen. This is a feature that you will find in some models but not others, so it if is important to you make sure you check it out. You can typically only program 1 day in advance, but that should be good enough.

Choose Well

Now that you know what to look for it’s time to make your choice. Some of the best single cup coffee makers out there include the Keurig B60 and the Mr. Coffee Powered by Keurig. For one cup of coffee at a time, these machines are great. Since you know what to look for and how to select a single serve coffee maker with the features you want, you will be enjoying your new coffee machine for a long time.