How to Select Kitchen Fixtures for Your Home

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The right fixtures can make all the difference in your kitchen. No matter your style, the right fixtures can pull the room together and give it a polished look. Fixtures are an important part of the overall feel of your kitchen and can help create exactly the environment you want in your home. Good fixtures improve the usability and flexibility of your kitchen, allowing you to get the most enjoyment and use from the heart of your home.

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Sink and Faucet Options

The most recognizable of the essential kitchen fixtures are the sink and the faucet. Your choices should be shaped by your needs and what is most useful for your daily kitchen tasks. If you do a lot of cooking, for example, you might want to choose a sink that lends itself well to washing vegetables and a faucet with a sprayer attachment. Some sinks even come with built-in veggie baskets and cutting boards to make your food preparation easier. If you are doing a full remodel, choose your cabinets and sink at the same time in order to get the most cohesive look. Your sink should be a primary consideration when choosing kitchen fixtures; make sure it is deep enough, large enough and provides enough versatility for your needs.

Oven and Cooktop Options

Your kitchen likely has at least two options for cooking. These are typically an oven and a cooktop, but some kitchens have ranges, as well. Cooktops are typically in a separate place from the oven and range; this type of setup allows for greater flexibility when you’re cooking. However, some people don’t care for having the two separate and instead opt for a range option that combines the cooktop and oven into a single appliance. Cooktops, ranges and ovens are available with gas, electric or induction heating; each option has advantages and disadvantages. With gas heat, the drawback is its inefficiency; about 40% of the heat is lost in traditional gas ovens and cooktops. Induction heating is fast, but requires quite a bit more energy than traditional electric options.

Refrigerator and Freezer Options

One of the most important considerations when choosing your refrigerator and freezer is size. Storing your food properly is important, and the size of your family will greatly affect your requirements. After deciding the size you need, you’ll be faced with decisions such as configuration, energy efficiency and amenities. Freestanding freezers are also available if you need additional frozen food storage space. Energy efficiency, configuration and size will also be the most important considerations for choosing a freezer.

More Options

Besides the essential kitchen fixtures discussed here, you might also want to choose a dishwasher, different types of cooking appliances and amenities such as a center island, special lighting and more. Choosing kitchen fixtures can be a big job, especially for a full kitchen remodel. However, knowing the overall style and feel you want to achieve can be a big help in narrowing your search for the perfect options for your kitchen.

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