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How To Select The Best Engagement Ring For Your Girlfriend

In my day, I’ve made a few mistakes when it came to selecting an engagement ring for my girl.

Those girls ended up walking. Kind of makes me wish I had known up front how to go about getting a girl the right ring.

Take it from someone who knows… going through the effort to find out which ring is the right one, will definitely pay off.

Stick by this guide, and you’ll be scoring points in the romance department!

1. Determine How Much You Are Willing To Spend On A Ring

First of all… if you’re going to buy your girl a ring, you want to make sure that you make up your mind about how much it is going to cost you. The more you are willing to spend, the bigger and better your choices become. But you really don’t have to spend more than $100 in order to get a good ring. You can already get a lot of rings for a mere $50. But at that price point, the quality is questionable. Cheap rings have no lastability and will require repairs or replacements down the line. Saving up an extra month so you can afford those $100 rings will be totally worth it. You get much better quality that way.

You don’t need to take out a second mortage in order to buy a girl a good ring. Many girls don’t even want you to. The economy has been in a rut for many years and the last time I saw a girl that was expecting a $500 ring was well over 15 years ago. These are different times, so there’s no reason to ever take it beyond $250 if you ask me. And I feel $250 is already pretty pricey for a ring!

But it’s all up to you personally, ofcourse. You know your own finances, I’m sure. Just make up your mind before going to the jewelry store to make sure you don’t overspend!

2. Figure Out What Type Of Ring Is Best For Her

There are many different types of rings. Just starting off with the various material types if enough to make a guy’s head start to spin. You’ve got your platinum rings, your gold silver rings and your gold rings. Within the gold material, you’ve got all sorts of different colors of gold. Yellow gold, white gold… even rose gold!

The most commonly seen material types are platinum and gold. Silver has gone a bit out of style these days. Don’t ask me why. It’s probably because people want either a very shiny type of ring, or a ring that has high durability. Platinum is very durable. Gold is very shiny.

If you want bang for the buck, then you’d better go with a platinum ring. These will last a long time. The problem with platinum is that it will eventually lose its luster and it’s hard to polish it back up to its former glory.

Gold, on the other hand, is much easier to maintain. It will also lose its shine, but you can easily polish it back up. The problem with gold is that it is a soft material and it will no doubt show some wear and tear as time progresses.

Take a look at your girlfriend’s existing jewelry to figure out what kind of material she likes best. She’s not necessarily a gold or platinum girl. She might very well like silver. So my recommendation is that you buy her a ring that matches that material. You can also get rings that are made of a combination of multiple materials.

Next to the material types, there are about a gazillion gemstone types you can choose from. Diamonds, zirconias, etc. All cut in a million different ways ofcourse. We wouldn’t want this to be an easy decision, now would we. But not all girls like wearing rings with stones. Some girls would rather keep it simple.

3. Figure Out What Her Ring Size Is

The toughest part of the whole ring selection process is without a doubt… figuring out what your girlfriend’s ring size is. You’ve got to find this out in a sneaky way, otherwise she’ll know what you’re doing behind her back. And you don’t want her knowing you are buying engagement rings do you? It’s got to be a surprise, otherwise you might as well not go through with the whole engagement at all!

And going through with it when you’ve got a ring that is the wrong size, is one of the worst nightmares you certainly do not want to put yourself through. Imagine going down on your knee and asking your girl to become engaged with you. Then you try to slip on the ring and it doesn’t fit! When it’s too small, you’ll have to force that thing on there. When it’s too big, it’ll fall right off her finger. Either way, you’ll look silly. So find out that ring size in advance!

You can’t simply ask your girl what her ring size is. It’s a tad bit too obvious there, slick. You’re better off asking one of her lady friends. Girls share a lot of information when they are together. And you never know whether they’ve ever discussed ring sizes or not. You can’t lose with this one, so just give it a try.

If her girlfriends weren’t able to tell you her ring size, you’re going to have to do some crafty spy work. My suggestion is that you take an existing ring from your girl out of her jewelry box. Then take it to a jewelry and have somebody measure the size. Do this when she’s out of the house and won’t be back for at least a few hours. You don’t want her missing that ring or she’ll be onto you!

Bonus Tips – Avoid Getting Scammed While Buying An Engagement Ring!

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