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How to Select the Best ERP Software

Today the business has become entirely different that used to be a decade ago. ERP solution has taken over the business for better growth, scale, revenue and productivity. To ensure that you achieve all of those; you must select the best ERP solution available in the market. It is a common believe that all ERP software are same, but diverse examples of failure indicate that this is not true. You have more than 70 ERP softwares available now and you must follow a procedure to ensure the Best ERP software India. If you are not aware of the process then understand how to select the best ERP solution.

1. What you require

ERP solutions are implemented to get competitive advantages in the market. So, it is very important to understand that what your requirements are. You can draft out your business requirements and chalk out a plan for the ERP stage. Once you are ready with the business needs then you can find out the suitable ERP software for the same.

2. Cost always matters

The cost of your ERP software always matter. The ERP software tends to reduce the cost as the time progresses because of reduced risks associated. However, not all do the same thing. It is better to go through the pricing of the software as seriously as possible. Clarify all your doubts before going ahead with the decision.

3. Read the Review

Once you are done with the primary research on the ERP software then you must zero down few possibilities. The next thing is to conduct the review research on the products. Reviews are the reflection of the performance and you must pay heavy attention towards it. Go through all the reviews given by other organizations and competitors. You will get a good idea about the performance of the software with the reviews. You must not limit yourself with the online reviews and go aggressively to get the market response and reviews of the same.

4. Select established product

When you are selecting a product you must ensure that it is established in the market. The product must go through multiple iterations of testing phase before it should be implemented. There are products that are built heavily on advertising and marketing but not on quality. Make sure that the product is fully functional in the market and has also gone through testing before being accepted by the users.

5. Your options are always open

Before coming to the final opinion, you must ensure that the all other options are thought upon and this product is perfectly suited for your need. You can also ask your employees, friends and colleagues about the software as well. No suggestion is irrelevant in the business as long as it is for your benefit. You can also hire an ERP consultant if required to select the best ERP software.

There is no doubt that this is a big decision and should be taken sincerely. However, the procedure to select the best ERP software should be helpful to come to a decision.

ESS (Eastern Software Systems) is a CMM Level 5 company and a prominent leader in Open Source ERP to Small and Medium Businesses or ERP Software for Small Business India.

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