How to Select the Best Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer for Your POS System

The point of sale system that is used in your business determines how well the business will fare. This is because if you have an efficient system, you will be able to serve your customers quite effectively and ensure that they use your services for a long time to come. The receipt printer and cash drawer are two aspects of the point of sale system that are unfortunately neglected, when business owners are considering the equipment they should buy. However, these two are immensely valuable to the overall integrity and functionality of the point of sale. It is therefore essential to know how to select the best of these solutions.

Receipt printer

For a good receipt printer, you need one that is able to connect to a wide range of point of sale software systems. In many cases, the best receipt printer will use USB connectivity while also providing other modes of connectivity if they are needed. A good example of a quality receipt printer is the Star receipt printer.

Due to the considerations of the cost of the ink that is used in these printers, thermal printing has become the preferable method of printing. The Star receipt printer also provides the inkjet and laser printing options for those who are traditionally inclined. However, while thermal printing is much faster than inkjet and laser printing, it does have a serious drawback. The method used to create impressions is applying heat to chemically treated paper. The problem is that these impressions will usually fade away after a number of days due to the effect of heat and light on the rest of the paper. Thermal printing is, therefore, only a smart choice for quickly consumed goods.

Cash Drawer

The cash drawer holds the cash used in the transactions at the point of sale. This part of the POS system will spend a lot of time in motion. It must, therefore, be made of the right materials, especially at the moving parts, ensuring that it is not negatively affected by constant movement. The cash drawer should also be designed to operate electrically through the actions of the cashier on the POS software. The latching system that keeps the drawer locked when not in use should be fatigue resistant to ensure that it does not get damaged after long term use. The drawer must also provide security for the money that is placed inside it.