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How to Select the Ideal Jewelry for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is in the near future. To borrow from a song, the day you will be “the prettiest you’re ever going to look” will arrive before you know it. Everything has to be as close to perfection as possible. You have the dress of your dreams but what about accessories. Not only is the dress going to represent who you are but you need the jewelry to speak accordingly. In order for the jewelry to make a statement maybe research is in order.

The last thing you want is to be the creator of one of those weddings that make the “hot mess” list because of your jewelry, as jewelry can make or break the dress. Traditionally, wedding jewelry is dainty and classic which is good but it doesn’t have to be. If the dress is not flashy and over the top then jewelry should serve as accent pieces and not wear you. You want to be the showcase for the jewelry.

Who says you can’t break tradition? If your dress has clean lines and is under-stated go with bold, eclectic, eye catching jewelry that isn’t necessarily opaque or pearlescent. If it is, try it in a slightly oversized set of pearl jewelry with abnormal shapes or settings as long as it is visually complimentary to the dress. You can also use your jewelry as the pop of color to pick up the dress. Frosted stone jewelry is a different approach to adding some flash and dazzle to your wedding wardrobe.

The real star of the bling show, jewelry, down to the wedding/engagement ring have become less about the diamond and more about personal style. In recent times the bride could easily have a sapphire, star bust ring with diamond baguettes so why not allow the rest of your jewelry to follow suit with the same daring flair.

As far as the expense of jewelry you don’t have to break the bank and if there is any longing for tradition than take a romantic trip to grandmother’s jewelry box for something vintage or sentimental. This is jewelry that could add a classy, nostalgic touch to the dress and you don’t have to pay a cent for it or you can fake it til’ you make it by opting to rent jewelry. Indulge where you can rent a Kate Spade “Pretty in Pink” pearl necklace, retail priced at 248, rented for 40 dollars or a Kendra Scott “White Deily” earring set, regularly priced at 75 dollars, rented for 15.

If none of these suggestions work for you and you are one to play it safe then always rock with the dainty classic jewelry that never goes out of style especially, if your dress is the focal point of the wedding. Less is definitely more in this case otherwise the look would be dangerously speeding toward gaudy or busy.

More importantly when deciding about jewelry for your wedding make sure it is a reflection of you and not someone else’s vison. No need to have “Fashionzilla” wreak havoc on your accessories. Show her the door, take your time with browsing the variety of shiny ornaments at your disposal and have fun.

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