How To Send Money Online To Friends And Family Living Abroad

How I Transfer Money Abroad To My Wife

My wife and I met in 2010. I lived in the United States and she lived in the Philippines. While she is there, it is very convenient for me to be able to send money to her at any given time. I don’t like to send huge amounts of money for her to carry around, because that is just not safe even here in the states.

Early on in our relationship, I was looking up how to send money to the Philippines online because I needed to help her out once in a while. It’s a bit different in the Philippines compared to the states. Even a little bit of money goes a long way there.

The whole international money transfer thing is really not as big of a deal as I had anticipated. I found two ways to transfer money online that actually make it very easy. It’s also pretty quick. Here is a comparison of the two, Western Union and Xoom:

Western Union

Western Union has many different ways to send money. You can send from a bank account or a credit or debit card. You can choose between the money being ready in a matter of minutes or having it ready in 3 days. Of course, the quicker you expect the money to be available, the more expensive it will be. I typically choose the ‘Money in Minutes’ option. My fee is usually $5 if I’m sending $50 or less. I’ve seen as high as $16 for sending $600 this way. The most you can send in one transaction this way is $2999.


Xoom also has several different methods to choose from when sending money abroad. You can pay directly from a bank account or with a credit or debit card. Xoom offers a $5 for all transfers up to $2999. You can elect to have the money available in 15 minutes. Just like the well known Western Union, you can either have the receiver pick up the money at a nearby location, have the money sent to their bank account, or have the money delivered straight to their door. The downside to Xoom is that it can only be used for international money transfers.


I have used Xoom on occasion, but I tend to stick to Western Union. It’s mainly because I started out using Western Union and they have been so reliable and easy to use that I have a hard time fixing something that isn’t broken, er… switching to Xoom.

I use the sites for transferring money abroad, but you can use Western Union for domestic transfers as well (inside the US). This is another reason I stick with Western Union. I like to stick to the same trusty system as much as I can.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to send money abroad, Western Union and Xoom are two great online money transfer sites you can choose from. Both get a thumbs up from me.