How To Send Text Messages Online For Free

Here, I will show you several ways how to send text messages online for free. If you aren’t aware, actually talking on the phone is an archaic practice. These days, everything from arranging meetings to breaking up with loved ones is done via text message.

There are literally hundreds of websites which allow you to send a text message. The problem, however, is that while you can send text messages online through these websites, you also must figure out the cellular provider of the person whom you are texting. This can be cumbersome or inefficient if you have to send messages to several different phone numbers. Not to mention, you don’t want to just give someone’s phone number away on random websites these days. Many times, websites will sell data, such as email addresses or phone numbers to companies who will begin to spam and cold call you.

The reasoning behind the original method of sending text messages online is simple. Phone numbers work similar to email addresses. For instance, lets say I wanted to send a text message to the phone number 555-555-5555, and I know that the cell phone provider was T-Mobile. I could simply send an email from any email provider to, where is the message provider for T-Mobile.

Unfortunately, you never know which cellular provider someone has. All most websites do is look up the cellular provider, append the phone number, and essentially, send an email to the person you text. Fortunately, there is a better alternative.

If you want to know how to send text messages online for free, while keeping your information safe, who better to use than Google?

send text messages with gmailGmail

If you’re not already familiar with Gmail, you will need to sign up for a Gmail account to make this process work. Basically, you add ‘text message in chat’ and ‘SMS in Chat’ from the labs tab in your Gmail settings to send text messages directly through your Gmail chat client. Not only will you send text messages online by simply entering a phone number, but you can also be automatically updated directly in the chat window when someone replies to the text message.

This is a very efficient and simple way to send text messages online. However, the person will become aware of your email address, and sometimes you don’t want to give that information away.

If you want to know how to send anonymous text messages online, I recommend using AnonTxt.

send anonymous text messages onlineAnonTxt

AnonTxt specializes in letting you send anonymous text messages online for free. You simply choose whether or not to use an alias name, enter the phone number of the person you need to send a text to, and fill out the message details. Again, just like with Gmail, you don’t have to pick a phone provider or look up this information yourself, and their site layout is simple and easy to figure out for yourself.

AnonTxt is great for sending text messages online that you wouldn’t want someone to know where they came from. If you use your phone or a Gmail account, it is pretty easy to figure out from whom the text was sent.

Finally, the only option that seems to be missing is a mass or bulk text service online.

bulk text messaging onlineBulk Texting Online

Put your text messaging on a caffeinated overdose by sending bulk text messages. There are many different softwares that you can purchase to send bulk text messages, mostly meant for businesses and organizations who have collected phone numbers to alert their clients to something. Today, many schools use similar software to text students in case of an emergency.

There are also several online services, one notable service being Ez Texting, which allow you to set up a short number or keyword to have texts sent to. This is commonly used on television, most notably American Idol, where you text a choice or answer to a short 5-digit number. Ez Texting allows you to secure a keyword, and use a pay-as-you-go service to send messages to mass numbers as needed.

SMS marketing is the new generation of effective marketing practice, and if used properly, can produce amazing results. The simple reason why is that most people have access to their cellular phone 24/7, and the market is not saturated enough to where people have learned to ignore a text message when it arrives.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any websites which allow free bulk texting services just yet – which will undoubeted be an amazing business model for any smart entrepreneur who is reading this.

You now know how to send text messages online for free. The next time your phone bill is late, or your phone is stolen, lost or misplaced, come back to this article to find the resources you need to send text messages online.