How to Set an Alarm Clock in Pandora?

Nowadays, with the advent of the latest technology we are more dependent upon our mobile gadgets. Even when it comes to waking up in morning, it is our Smartphone that wakes us up. Previously, this service was only available to iOS users but now even Android users can enjoy seamless music streaming. However, the best part of it is that you can choose to set your preferred station on your Android Smartphone or your Apple iPhone. Android users can set preferred station and iOS users can set their favorite song as an alarm.

Let us find out how you can utilize Pandora for setting alarms:

Setting Station as Alarm for Android users

Pandora gives you choice to set your preferred station as your alarm for the wakeup call. It is interesting to wake up to a music station without having to listen to the alarm buzzer or that same song on your mobile as you might get bored listening to it. Now the initial thing that you need to remember is that you need to have the latest version of Pandora installed on your Android Smartphone that you intend to use. Apply the following steps if you have the latest version or else upgrade to the latest version.

• Launch Pandora and go to the ‘Now Playing’ screen

• Click ‘Menu’ tab and then tap to the Alarm Clock to reveal alarm settings
• Alarm settings will include time, music station, volume and snooze time and timer
• Choose your preferred music station to wake up to following the snooze time. Setting a snooze timer is essential as when the alarm starts ringing you can either disable it or snooze it. If you snooze then the timer is displayed after which your alarm will ring again.

One thing that you need to remember is that this functionality is only available for Android Smartphone not Android tablets.

Setting Favorite Music for iOS 7 users
If you are using the latest version of iOS then the best option for you to set an alarm is using Pandora service. The radio app has tweaked its version to suit iOS 7 that includes a brand new feature of alarm clock. Here is what you can do to apply steps for setting your favorite music as alarm clock.

• Launch Pandora , on the ‘Now Playing’ screen and then go to the ‘Menu’
• Tap the ‘Menu’ to reveal a list of various options, scroll down to locate Alarm Clock
• Tap the line to create an alarm along with the station that you want to add to the alarm that will play to wake you up
• Choose to set the snooze timer and volume button that will come handy when your alarm rings in the morning. Choose to disable your alarm on ringing or snooze it.
• Tap ‘Done’ and go back to the previous menu
• Tap slider to set the alarm

One thing that you need to remember is that Pandora should be active all the time on your screen. Your iPhone, iPad or your iPod should have the updated version of this service to work with the alarm feature. Additionally, a network is required including Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity as the station will only play on your alarm if you are tuned in.

If you want to snooze then shake your device when the alarm goes off. The information regarding Artist and tracks will be displayed on the screen bottom; the background will display the album art. You can change station by a gentle tap on the Artist; this will also launch the station list. From here, you can choose to change station for the alarm setting.

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