How to set goals and achieve goals

How to achieve goal in life

Everyone of us is supposed to have a goal in life. But for those who are achievers goal means something stronger and different from most of the ordinary people.It’s not that most of us do not do anything for attaining goals or the toppers do something different from us, it’s only that they do the same things in different ways and that is all that counts for their success. All through their life the successful people remain focused to their aim which distinguishes them from others.

Here are some steps that make it easier to set and achieve the desired goals:

Goals Must Be Specific

The goals should be specific and precise. If we are to achieve them we have to be sure about the exactness of the goal. We cannot reach the milestone if we are not clear about our aim. So vague terms like ‘some’ or ‘may be’ must not come to our mind and we must have a concrete goal so that we can build a clear path to that destination. For example if we want to finish 15 projects per month or want to earn monthly10k we can specify our work method according to that.

Goals Should Be the Priority

Goals that are really worth achieving should mean everything to us. It should be our topmost priority that will energize us every moment and create a burning desire within us. The very goal will keep us going towards it and make us focused. A true goal is something that we want like anything, which will not let us sleep until achieved and awake us in the early morning to go for it.

Goals are Simple and Well-Focused

Some people are obsessed with the list of their goals that are often complex and therefore confusing. The goal should be simple and one single at a time so that it can be well-focused. If we think of doing a number of things at a time we will end up doing nothing ultimately. So we should select and understand a particular goal what we should set at a particular time.

Measure the Goals

It is wise to give a shape or measurement to our goals.If we divide our goals in terms of hours, height, weight etc. it will appear to be easy to accomplish. We cannot measure success or happiness or any kind of emotion but we can try to measure the way will achieve success like if we study 8 hours we will get the highest mark or if we lose the weight of 5kg we shall be able to participate the contest. Or we can set a goal that itself can be measured, for example we can aim at running 2 miles in 5 minutes or finishing two chapters in a day. Measured goals are done more quickly.

Goals should be Written down

The advantage of writing down the goals is that everyday we wake up we shall be reminded of our dreams and stirred up once again to do the most to achieve them. If we write down the short notes on personal planning or the steps to reach the milestone it will be a precise way to help us gaining success and work through the written chart.

Goals are to be Shared

Goals should be shared with those people who are experienced in that field or who can value them. It is very important to get the support from friends and family in setting and achieving goals.But the people should be selected and in case of goal setting and achievement following a mentor is advisable.Winners start working taking the valuable advice and suggestion from other winners. But people who may make fun of that or cannot understand the subject should be avoided.

Goals should be Effective

We must set those worthy goals that would prove to be tremendously effective. Top achievers make such strategies that fulfill many purposes and leave countless impacts on life. Likewise we should strategize in a way that would change our life like we will feel better, make a good amount of money, lead a glamorous life, cultivate positive thoughts, have the opportunity to socialize more than before, increase our self-confidence and all these will give reasons not to lose focus from the goal and stick to it with excitement.

The Goal should be Logical

Once we have a goal in our mind we should make sure that it should be a logical one and not something belonging to a utopian world. We must chase a goal that is out of reach at the initial stage but not out of our vision.It should be a sensible one to be achieved, to be reached, to be dreamed of. There is always a way or direction to step on the target or destination but it should always make sense. We should be practical in judging and selecting our goals.

There must be Consistency

We must be consistent throughout and should never compromise our values. Conflicts and confusions are the signs of weakness and never let us successful. If we remain stable we shall be able to recognize our dreams and achieve our long-awaited goal.