How to setup a signature in Outlook 2013

How do you setup a signature in Outlook 2013? Setting up a signature in Outlook 2013 is really easy. You can setup multiple email signatures and even create two different signatures that can be applied to new messages or to reply messages.
Step 1: In the top left side of Outlook 2013 click “File”

Step 2: On the following screen on the left side click “Options”

Step 3: On the following screen on the left side locate and click on the “Mail” option.

Step 4: On the following screen click the button labeled “Signatures”.

Step 5: The next screen is the setup screen for signatures. Click “New”.

Step 6: A box will appear asking for a name for your signature. Label it something useful.

Step 7: After you create a name for your signature you will need to edit it. Make sure the signature you just created is selected. Below is an edit box. Create your signature exactly how you want it to appear. You can include a photograph or create hyperlinks in your signature.

Step 8: On the right side there is an area that says “New Messages” and has a drop down. Click the drop down and select the signature name you created.

Step 9: Below that is another section that says replies/forwards and has a drop down menu as well. Select the same signature if you want the same signature to appear when you reply to a message. Otherwise repeat steps 5 through 7 and create a second email signature. Now select the second email signature for replies/forwards.

Step 10: Test to make sure your email signatures work. Open a new message and check to see whether the signature comes up properly. Open an incoming email and hit reply. Check to see if the signature applies correct there as well. These are the steps to setup a signature in Outlook 2013.

Occasionally your signature can become corrupt. If this happens you can recreate your signature from scratch or simply go into an email and copy your old signature and paste it into your new signature.