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How To Setup A Wireless Network


Wireless networks are popular for their mobility and ease. To set them up can be a confusing task. One needs to be careful to buy the right equipment and follow the correct procedure.

  • First of all you need to compile a list of the things you require to setup your network. Typically these items include; wireless routers, wireless adapters and nodes, switches or hubs, hotspot devices, wireless LAN cards for desktops and laptops, antennas, amplifiers, firewalls, wireless bridges and cables.
  • Some popular wireless network technologies widely used are; 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g
  • You will also need a broadband modem (cable or DSL), a wireless router, wireless LAN cards for all desktops/laptops and/or wireless network adapter(s) (nodes).
  • You start by connecting the modem to the router. Next connect the wireless modem to the computers. If the computers do not have a wireless LAN card , you will have to get wireless network adapters for each computer (USB network adapters are recommended), other adapters will need Ethernet cables
  • Connect all the computers to each other, this is easy if they have wireless LAN cards, if they don’t then they will require network adapters (USB ones are preferred) they can be used to transmit signals using antennas.
  • Plug in the wireless network router. Then you must connect the Cat5 cable to the router and to your computer (again; make sure that your computer is installed with the RJ-45 connection).
  • Use the users manual to find out the IP address of your router, you will enter this address on a web browser to log in to the routers configuration screen (the IP address will be something like, eg;
  • Follow the instructions in the routers user manual. You will be able to start up the wireless detection network on your computer. Once logged in, follow the instructions to configure your router and set up an SSID.
  • Configure the wireless network adapters if you are using any. Windows XP automatically take you through the process. If you don’t have XP, make sure you get the CD so it will guide you through the process of configuration.
  • Make sure the broadband modem is configured, if not then refer to the users manual and ensure that it is configured properly.
  • Once the configuration of devices is complete a wireless network icon will appear on the desktop. Different OS have different ways of connecting to wireless networks, so refer to the help files. However for windows the process is quite simple, click on the icon and a list of networks available should be displayed. The SSID entered through the wireless router setup should be there as well (If not, refresh and restart all devices.), click connect and you will receive a prompt to set up a network key (password). This will be used to access the network.
  • Try to place the router in the central part of your residence, this will prevent signals from leaking out of your premises and make sure that your wireless routers have security protocols (WEP- wired equivalent privacy or WPA- Wi-Fi protected access), this will protect your network from being hacked.


How To Setup A Wireless Network
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