How to ship a motor cycle — a motorcycle shipping guide

Motorcycle shipping does not consist in dropping your bike in a mailbox. How I wish it’s that simple but it requires more than that. If done wrongly, you can expect a lot of damages to your bike and for sure, you don’t want that.

On the other hand, you have the option of taking matters into your own hands by driving it to your new destination. Now there are those who find it adventuresome and love doing this, but there are also those who find this task to stressful. What with all the heat, dust and chills, you could even end up getting sick just for doing this. I mean, yes, I don’t find it worth my time.

The good thing is, there is a way to make motorcycle shipping easy and safe and that is to hire an auto transport company. There are thousands of auto transport companies out there that can ship your bike and you will not have a hard time looking for them. The real challenged is finding a really trustworthy one. In this article, I will give you some tips of finding a good auto transport company to ship your bike. Here’s how:

1. Choose a company with a rock star reputation

With the thousands of auto transport companies out there, there is always a good chance that you will fall for the wrong one. The best way to avoid this is to look for a reputable company and you find it by a little bit or research. You can find reputable companies online by digging on forums and reading reviews from previous clients. Doing this will give you a good idea as to who’s who in the business.

2. Choose a company that has enough experience with motorbikes

After you have gathered a few company names, contact them and inquire if they have enough experience with shipping motorcycles. Shipping a motorcycle is different from shipping cars and that is the reason why you need to know if they have specific experience with it. Added to that, bikes require different gadgets than cars and if the auto transport company doesn’t have those gadgets, then they are not ready for your bike.

3. Ask for quotes and compare it

After you have made inquiries, ask for a quote and compare it. The decision of shipping your bike will eventually boil down to money and the quote will give you an idea whether to push through it or not. The quote will also tell you which company will give you a reasonable price for the services that you want.

4. Get an insurance coverage

After comparing the quote, you have to ask for insurance coverage. It’s not only sleazy to ship your bike without coverage, it’s also illegal. Added to that, if something happens to your bike, then you will have to pay for repairs. If you have insurance coverage, you can sleep with the peace of mind because you know that in case of damages to your bike, you will get reimbursed.

5. Put your bike inside a crate

To ensure further safety for your bike, you have to specifically instruct the shipper that you want it to be placed in a crate. Unlike cars that can be immediately placed in a cargo truck, bikes have sticking out parts and that is why it has to be placed on a crate for further protection.

6. Get a delivery estimates

After your bike is shipped, you need to ask for a delivery date so that you will know when to expect it to arrive. One thing you have to remember though is that, delivery dates are just estimates and your bike may be delayed.

So this is how you go about motorcycle shipping. You don’t need to shoulder all the burden of doing it because you can always hire an auto transport company and with this guide, for sure you can find a good one.