How to shut down friend requests and messages in the new Facebook

How to shut down friend requests and messages in Facebook’s new Do stay tuned to the large number of friend requests on Facebook? Do you want some privacy on Facebook without the hassle? Today I present you a simple way to prevent and wonderful send friend requests on Facebook:

Through ‘shortcuts Privacy’ settings at the top of the browser next to the name …

1: ‘Send you messages’ from this option, you can control the applications to choose friendship (strict filtering) strict filtering, so as to restrict them from the right to send messages to friends only.

2: ‘close friend requests’ through the privacy you press the amendment in front of the property and submitting requests for friendship, here Lied option of switching to ‘friends of friends only’ so that third parties can not send friend requests.

Prevent and hide publications friend particular to show you the home page in Facebook should know that Facebook is the site Kan participation, it is difficult to be a user disguised 100% if an active participant comments and Likes, often bother you up assertions friend you are forced to cancel his friendship may be a need to see your publications and writing, although it is possible to cancel the updates, and publications and withheld from you easily, and this does not affect the appearance of your publications him,

You can do so by logging on the home page for the person who does not wish for the emergence of publications and press the follow-up (following) to cancel a sign of health and then will not receive any of the publications that person to have: