How to Speed Up a Slow Computer

After slow internet connectivity, a slow processing of computer is probably the second most annoying issue for a large number of people. A slow computer will take a great amount of time to process and respond to the commands given by the user. As such, a slow computer will take longer to open files and folders and even opening the internet browser among other common commands. There are several factors that can contribute to slow response from a personal computer. The good news is that this problem does not necessarily create the need for computer repairs in Brisbane.

In the same breath, there are various remedies that can help the computer user to speed up their experience with the particular machine. This article discusses a few of these remedies.

Uninstall Unused/Unwanted Applications and Programs

One of the best ways to speed up a slow computer is to uninstall applications, files and programs that are no longer in use or have not been used for quite some time. This is because all these applications take up space on the hard drive of the computer regardless of whether they’re in use or not. When the hard drive is over-loaded with applications, the processing speed of the computer is adversely affected. Uninstalling unwanted programs will free up space within the hard drive, thereby resulting in faster performance.

Avoid Automatic Start-Up of Programs

Before the thought of computer repair in Brisbane comes to mind, it would be a good idea to change some of the settings on the computer. It is not uncommon for computer users to set programs in such a way that they start-up automatically whenever the computer is switched on. This contributes to slow response from the computer in the following way. Programs that start automatically when the machine is switched on use the computer’s Random Access Memory (R.A.M). If several of these programs are to start-up automatically, this would put a strain on the computer’s RAM, hence resulting in slow response. It is only advisable to have automatic start-up for programs that are used frequently.

Defragment the Hard Drive

Defragmentation of the hard drive can also help to improve computer speed. When there is so much information and so many programs on the hard drive, the operating system tends to store different parts of the same file in various locations on the hard drive. When this is done for hundreds of programs and files, the computer will take longer to open each file or program whenever there is need to.

Defragmentation of the hard drive helps to gather various parts of each file into one place. Consequently, files and programs will open faster and the computer will generally exhibit faster performance. It is important to point out that the individual should back up his or her files in another computer, an external hard drive or a CD. This is because hard drive defragmentation often results in loss of data. Defragmentation should also be done when there is stable power supply. Interruption of power supply during the defragmentation exercise can result in greater complications.

Hard drive defragmentation should be considered as a last resort.

Last but not least, it may be a good idea to consider computer repairs in Brisbane as a way to get the PC running faster. For further advice on how to achieve optimum PC performance and more for more information related to computer repairs in Brisbane, talk to the expert computer technicians at Techs on Time .