How to speed up your internet connection

While many of us pay for fast internet connections few of us are actually receiving speeds anywhere near those we pay for. Many of us would like to get a little extra juice from our internet connections and stop wasting bandwidth on unnecessary internet usage. With that in mind I thought I’d present a few quick tips to speeding up your internet connection.

Check your current speed

Before we start fiddling with our internet connection it’s a good idea to see what speeds you are currently getting. You can use a free broadband speed test to see what internet speeds you are currently receiving and you can use this to judge any changes you make and to identify problems if your internet speed suddenly drops!

Change router settings

If your current speed isn’t anywhere near as good as what you’re paying for the first thing you should do is change your router settings. If you are using your own router then it will come with a customisable control panel and you can change ingoing and outgoing settings to make sure you are getting the most from it. If you are using a provided router then you will have to ring the company themselves – who can adjust your settings manually and see whether it improves your speeds.

Change wiring

Even if you have the best internet provider in the world if you have out of date wiring or the wrong type of wiring in your house you can severely slow down your internet speed. If you experience regular breaks in your internet connection or connection issues then the chances are your internet is being slowed by bad wiring. Most companies will have a free call out service that will fix these issues for you but alternatively you can hire someone to do this. If you have fibre optic broadband in your area then you will need new wiring in your house to connect it properly!

Go Wired

As well as changing your wiring you will also want to plug your computer straight into your router if you want to get the best speeds. Interference from other electronic gadgets and poor signal strength from routers will severely slow down your internet connection. If you plug your computer directly into your router though you circumvent these problems and will end up with a much higher quality connection; and better speeds.

Update everything

This may seem silly but you really need to keep everything up to date on your computer if you want to get the best internet connection. This particularly applies to browsers and to security software which will maximise your protection from harmful computer viruses and adware which can massively slow down your computer. At the same time you also will want to keep programs that access the internet up to date to improve their performance and stop you creating backdoors for viruses.

Disable internet programs

There are scores of programs on most computers that either regularly connect to the internet or remain connected to the internet. Most internet security software will show you which programs you have connecting to the internet and when they connect and you can use this list to disable programs from accessing the internet or schedule a time for them to do so. Few programs need to access the internet so disabling them won’t harm you or your computer. The same can also be said of browser ad-ons which have a reputation for sucking bandwidth and should be disabled if not necessary all of the time.