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How to Start a Commercial Kitchen

If you are planning to set up a brand new commercial kitchen, you must be having feeling excited, but be vary of the challenge it possess. The functionality of the kitchen will depend upon the layout and design of the kitchen. Proper planning and research needs to be performed to ensure effective and economical working. Moreover, any food service operation requires certain equipment to make it a success. Here are some important points that you need to cover in order to start a commercial kitchen.

Understanding Kitchen Rules and Regulations
The challenging, and expensive work of setting up a commercial kitchen is not similar to making a better-equipped home kitchen. There are some local regulations defined by the government and other building requirements which are only applicable to commercial setup and not to household stuff. Having said this, these rules and regulations are not as demanding when compared to catering or restaurant business. Therefore, to be on a safer side and understand the legal aspects of these rules is to consult the local council, as he/she can better explain what’s written between the lines.

Thorough Research
Most of the times, people who are starting a commercial kitchen are first-timers. Some of the companies that specialize in supplying equipment readily offer help and advices to such people thinking that this might help in attracting you to use their service often. But, it is important to understand which company is to be trusted and which isn’t. Internet is what will help you in these situations. Make searches on the search engines and study the various offers to understand if they are good for your business. You must also check the reviews of their previous customers to have an idea about their service.

List of Commercial Kitchen Essentials
Before finalizing the supplier, create a preliminary list of the commercial kitchen equipment that you think you require. For example, if you are planning to open a fast food outlet then your requirements will differ from person who owns a Chinese restaurant.

Get answers to questions like number of cooking stations required? How much deep frying will be performed? How capacious should the freezer be? Is a convection oven required? Extras like microwaves and mixers can be added to the list without giving much thought, because these are utility stuff that you generally require. Don’t rush up to buy all at one moment. Also don’t omit the other important kitchen items like a dishwasher and adequate sitting furniture for your customers

Finally, it is advisable to ask someone who possesses experience of running a catering business. Perhaps you can check into your favorite local restaurant and have their view on how to start commercial kitchen.

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