How to Start a Social Media Consultant Business in your Spare Time

Become A Social Media Consultant

If you have spent time trying to earn a living from home on the internet, you already know that many of the most common methods can be intensely frustrating. Of the people who try to make money online, more end up frustrated and broke than succeeding by far! However, with just a little creativity, you can take advantage of the fast moving online business environment to create a real business that will provide you with a comfortable living for many years to come.

There are very few people around today who don’t interact with some type of online social website. Almost everybody is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or some other social media websites. Just as radio and television did during the 20th century, social websites are changing the entire marketing environment for businesses today. More people than ever before are basing their buying decisions on tips and information they picked up in one of these online social networking communities.

In spite of the necessity of it, most small to medium size businesses have a very difficult time maintaining an effective marketing presence on all of these online social sites. Social media trends often change quickly and usually with very little warning. Small business owners need to concentrate on the day to day process of running a business and don’t need or want to spend the day on Facebook marketing. One of the most effective marketing tools a small business can employ today is hiring a social media consultant. Naturally then, one of the most lucrative business opportunities available online is social media consulting for local businesses.

If you have already been trying to earn a living online, you have probably also already been active on mant of the social networking sites. In addition, you have probably also already spent time learning online marketing through online research and in forums. Surprisingly, that plus just a little experience can soon provide you with expert level knowledge about marketing through social networking. The primary secret to social networking is simply having the time to do it! Business owners rarely have that time if they are involved in the day to day business of operating their company. If you start a business as a social networking consultant you will have the time. In addition, most of the time consuming and technically difficult tasks such as setting up social accounts, or building Facebook business pages can easily be outsourced so you don’t have to spend your personal time doing them. You can set up a social media consulting business with very few out of pocket expense and often get paid in advance for work you are going to do.

Gaining A Foothold

One easy way to break into the social media consultant market is to volunteer to run social media marketing for local non-profit, community and charity groups. Make your company name available somewhere on the sites and soon you will be getting referral work from people interested in those charity groups. You will be building up a portfolio while building up referrals at the same time.

Be sure to also join and become active in business networking groups in your local community. Offer other members discounts in order so you can develop a portfolio of references for your business. If you do a good job you will have a thriving business in no time.

Creating a social media consulting business can require more online marketing knowledge than your average work from home business opportunity. However, if you have already tried the usual options you have probably already learned enough about the business to become a valuable asset to local businesses who need help with social media marketing. An asset many of them will be happy to pay for.


Webinars are another way to improve your clients marketing reach or help you showcase your own social media expertise. Visit Webinar FAQ and learn how to conduct an effective webinar or web conference.