How to start your own home brewery

Many of us are quite in the mood for trying out new and exciting things. As a beer drinking person, I was always intrigued by the beer brewing process, and I have decided to try it out. I can say that it was quite enjoyment doing such thing, and if you ever had a second thought about whether starting or not, I hope that this article will help you to start out. Read on, and cheers!



You will transfer between kitchen and preferably basement, so if you have a connection between these two, it is great place to start. You will be doing some cooking, and the basement is necessary for its constant temperature and dark, with as less light as possible, which is essential during fermentation process. Just be careful that temperature is not below zero, for it will spoil the process.


First of all, you are going to use boiling pot, in which first stage of beer making happens. Cooking is impossible without proper paddle or a bigger spoon, as well as heat source. Fermenter is usually any adequate vessel, though the only condition is that it is air-tight. Remember to disinfect and thoroughly clean this container, for even the smallest amount of dirt can ruin your work. Also, a great feature is those containers on top of which you can attach airlock, a device which lets CO2 to leave the vessel, without jeopardizing the wort. In addition, you will need bottles for packaging, as well as thermometer, for keeping a closer look at the temperature is one of the most important things during process.


Start with boiling about 4 litres of water. Once it starts boiling, remove it from the stove, and pour in the malt extract. Pay attention that it doesn’t falls to the bottom, for you need cohesional mixture. Return to the stove, and add in hops. This ingredient will give the taste to your beer. In general, for the first time, be sure to obtain the most quality beer brew supplies, for those are less prone to failure. Once the mixture is equal, remove it from the fire, and wait for it to cool down. Add water, and wait for temperature to drop between 20°C and 24°C. Lower temperature won’t activate the yeast which you are about to add, while higher will burn it down. Add in yeast, and seal tight the vessel, of course with the airlock at the cover. Shake it good for a few minutes, and take it to the basement where is constant temperature, and is dark. Don’t disturb the mixture for 3-4 weeks. After that period, boil two cups of water, add in dextrose, and pour it in an empty vessel. That other one is desirable to have the tap, which will ease filling the bottles. Using racking cane, transfer beer from the fermenter into bottling bucket, over the mixture of sugar and water. Fill the bottles and cap them right away, for dextrose will create CO2, leaving the beer carbonated and preserved.
While it may appear as complicated process, it is quite easy to make beer. I know that I have enjoyed, and I’m sure you will too.