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How to Stay Productive When Working From Home

While working from home has certain advantages, it surely brings some tough challenges to the table. We have a few tips on how to overcome them.

Working from home can sometimes be challenging. Despite the obvious advantages, keeping your productivity levels up and successfully avoiding distractions isn’t easy for all. It takes time, practice, and self-discipline.

While making your own schedule and being more independent might sound appealing, you need to make sure you can succeed in a home environment. Overworking, feeling isolated and lacking focus are all issues that may face you at one point or another. So what can you do in order to ensure you will overcome all these challenges and maintain your focus for all long as possible?

Set a designated work space

It doesn’t matter if you live in a luxurious condo or a tiny studio apartment, you need a designated work space. You may not have room for a proper office, but a simple desk will work. Don’t place it near your bed or TV and decorate it properly. Store all work-related things there. And whatever you do, avoid working from the couch, or you may find yourself contemplating the idea of nodding off.

Get organized

Make lists of goals you wish to accomplish on a “work day.” Put all your tasks on paper and check them off when finished. You can also use online tools for this, but actually writing things down is more effective. Use post-its and constantly update your appointment book. If your job involves creativity, set up an inspiration board to pin ideas.

Focus, focus, focus

Avoiding distractions can be a hassle. From your dog barking in the other room, to the dirty dishes in the sink or your very appealing fridge – it may look like everything is standing between you and achieving ideal levels of productivity. There are some ways to minimize these distractions. Having snacks available and keeping a clean environment are among the ways you can stay focused. Eventually though, it’s only up to you to stay focused.

Limit time for checking e-mail

Only check your e-mail once an hour. The same goes for social networks. Constantly browsing your Facebook newsfeed is anything but productive. If you can’t manage to control yourself, consider using the Pomodoro technique. This technique uses a timer to break down periods of work into 25-minute intervals called ‘pomodori,’ separated by short breaks for miscellaneous activities. Pomodoro enthusiasts say frequent breaks improve mental agility.

Get some air

Take breaks, stretch, socialize. Set some boundaries between work hours and “you” hours. You might need to adjust these boundaries depending on your workload. Don’t handle personal business during work hours and ensure work stays out of personal time.

Make some time to exercise. People working from home often spend a lot of time in front of their computers. This is not the best way to stay in shape. Furthermore, always being in close proximity of the kitchen and refrigerator can have a negative effect on your health and weight. Exercise will boost your energy levels and benefit your health.

As you can see, working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds. Staying focused, respecting a timetable and avoiding distractions are all things that come in the way of a productive home-based worker. With a little practice though, you can overcome these challenges and start to really enjoy the perks that come with a flexible schedule.

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