How To Stick To A Diet: Don't Deprive Yourself

If you want to know how to stick to a diet there is one rule that you should follow. There are as many diets out there as you can imagine, and many of them are perfectly healthy and logical diet plans to follow. So why is it so hard to stick to a diet?

When we go on a specific diet, we tend to have certain hard rules that must be followed. Rules like which foods you can’t eat, what time of day you can eat at, or what percentage of fat, carbohydrate, or protein you must consume. Again, all may very well have merit but so many people cannot stick to these diets.

If you have tried various diets in the past but did not stick to it, think of why you abandoned them. Whatever you are thinking about now, I’ll bet that a sense of deprivation is part of it. You wished your diet plan allowed for something that it didn’t, and in the end, you couldn’t stick to it.

How To Stick To A Diet: The Rule

Here is the simple rule that will help you to stick to your diet – Don’t Deprive Yourself

Don’t think that this means go crazy and eat whatever you like. Far from it. You know you need to have a healthy diet. The point here is that a healthy diet can include the things you enjoy. Of course, this rule probably invalidates a whole bunch of diet plans out there but this simple rule is for the average person who really wants to eat healthier but truly does not want to give up all of the things that they love in order to do it.

What this really means is that you should find a way to still be able to have many of the foods you really enjoy, as long as you have the less healthy ones in moderation. If your favorite thing in the whole world is a cheeseburger then make sure you can have a cheeseburger. This is not going to kill you in moderation. Your diet can be perfectly healthy while it still includes a cheeseburger. It is about eating things in moderation that is so important. A cheeseburger every day is a bad idea. You already know that. A cheeseburger once in a while might be just fine.

There are benefits to this that will make weight loss and sticking to a diet easier for most people. For one, you won’ be preoccupied with the fact that you ‘can’t’. Your focus will be turned to when you can and how much (in moderation), which is much more positive and satisfying than the word ‘can’t.’

For another, you will be much less likely to binge. Deprivation of foods can lead to a monumental breakdown. Eating something you tend to eat too much of in moderation will not be easy, but at least knowing that you can have it occasionally can help to prevent you from binging on it when you do have a meltdown. When you know that another opportunity to enjoy your favorite food is in your future, it makes a difference.

A third reason is that when you are considering how fast to lose weight, a diet that does not deprive you of too many things helps to bring your weight down slowly, which is a healthier option than a sudden weight loss.

That’s it. Don’t deprive yourself, work your favorites into your diet plan in moderation and you will know how to stick to a diet.