How to Stop a Dog from Barking and Whining

Why do dogs bark or whine? What makes them drive us crazy with all that noise? Do you know how that can get under your skin constantly whine, whine, whine, bark, bark bark!!!

Here are some steps you can try to help your special doggy friend be quieter.

When your dog barks first figure out why? Naturally if someone is at the door, Praise your dog for barking. Do they need to go outside for a potty break? Is your pet hungry or need water?

You may also try putting your index finger to your mouth and saying shh shh shh this works great with whining and barking. It seems to bother your pet’s ears so they stop immediately and listen to you. Then you distract your dog to break the badhabit they have formed. Play with your dog’s favorite toy or a special bone they can chew. Use anything that distracts them from this bad habit, Dog Treats, Stuffed Animals, Chew Toys, and Chew Bones.

If your dog continues to whine tell your pet no in a very firm tone. If your pet is having a very bad day just repeat no. Your dog or puppy will get the hint not to whine or bark.

There is one other thing you can try that shuts a dog up fast, but most pets really hate it. Get a spray bottle of water; make sure it is only water, chemicals can harm your dog. When they bark gently spray them on their body, if that doesn’t stop the barking or whining then try in the face and say no. This usually is the last resort; most dogs really do not like this step.

Tips & Warnings

Dog anxiety wraps may be very helpful for many problems.

You can also try some of the bark collars, but please only in cases where everything else has failed.

I do not agree with hitting in any way not even tapping on the nose lightly. This can cause a dog to become aggressive or bite.

Please do not use the surgery to stop your dog from barking. This is called surgical debarking or Vocal Cordectomy.This does not stop the dog from barking, they will still bark the same it only makes them sound different. Many dogs have had complications with this surgery so please don’t use this method.There is always another way to handle the problem.