News How to Stop IRS Wage Garnishments

How to Stop IRS Wage Garnishments


IRS wage garnishment refers to the scenario where the IRS claims a part of an individual’s wages to settle the amount of unpaid taxes of the individual. This could mean that a substantial amount of the person’s wages could be claimed by the IRS and could land him in serious financial trouble and further debts.

In order to save himself from tax debts and to make sure that his wages remain intact, the person should take some important steps to stop IRS wage garnishments. The IRS is not keen to claim a portion of an individual’s wages and does so, only when they feel that there is no other option left. They would rather prefer to make an agreement with the individual and abstain from wage garnishments.

How to Stop IRS Wage Garnishments

Given below are a few tips to stop IRS wage garnishments from consultants:

• Assuming Responsibility: The most important step to be taken to avoid the garnishment of wages is by becoming a responsible citizen and start filing the taxes on time every year. This would save one from any kind of unpaid taxes and would also save the wages which would otherwise have to be shared with IRS.

• Pay off the Debts: Another way to save ones wages from being garnished is by paying off all the debts. Once the person pays off the debts, the IRS would stop all kinds of actions that they might be taking against the person. One should consider selling ones assets or borrowing money to pay the outstanding debts as this is a much better option than losing valuable wage amount.

• Pleading Poverty: In case a person proves to IRS that he is facing serious financial problems due to wage garnishments, the IRS might consider stopping the garnishments till the financial condition of the person improves. This is only a temporary solution and gives the person enough time to arrange for funds to settle his debt with the IRS.

• Changing Jobs: Another way to stop the wage garnishments would be to find another job. The garnishment is limited to one employer and in case a person changes his job, the IRS would have to get a new garnishment. This could take some time and would give the person enough time to settle his debts and stop the wage garnishment.

• Requesting a Compromise Amount: In case a person cannot pay the whole of the amount due to the IRS, he can request the IRS to settle for an amount that is lower than the unpaid tax. The person would have to prove to IRS that he is in dire financial situation.

• Declare Uncollectible: The IRS follows a few guidelines when it comes to not collecting the taxes from a tax payer. If a person proves that he is not eligible for tax payments, the IRS would immediately stop wage garnishments.

These important tips have proven to be very beneficial to a lot of tax payers who were able to stop the IRS from garnishing their wages.

How to Stop IRS Wage Garnishments
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