How to study for a test

Most people that go to school especially college or university face a lot of stress because of school examinations and some of these people are also working part time. Studying for a test can be a really hard thing especially if you’re the type of person that waits until the night before to study for a test. This is why I will provide you with some guidelines that will help you improve your results in your tests. To study you need time, and efficiency.
Time is your number one friend for studying if you use it properly. The more time you spend studying the higher results you will get on your test or exam. To save time the best thing to learn is time management. When you save time from other things you will create more time for yourself to study. Every night you should spend at least 15 minutes to organize what you’re going to do the next day. When you do this you will literally save loads of time to study and do other things on the side. Setting small incremental goals will also help studying. When you study aim at understanding one concept at a time.
One thing’s to use your time and one thing’s to use your time efficiently. To be efficient in studying you need to keep your brain in the highest state and healthiest possible. You need to be in higher states because when you are in low states you don’t teach as much as you would if you a higher state. An example would be that if you were jerking off and came 5 times you would be in a really low state because you’re tired. If you have sex, after you have sex sometimes your pillow looks more attractive than your girl.
In high school I never used to study for tests because everything was so easy. But right when I entered college, the increased workload messed up my head because I didn’t achieve the standards set by my school. I was lazy for homework and left studying for the last minute. And a lot of times I smoked weed before some tests because it helped me relax. But sometimes I was too relaxed so I didn’t feel like trying hard on the tests.