How to Succeed as a Screenwriter and See Your Story Hit The Big Screen

To be a successful screenwriter one must possess a creative mind, the ability to tell a story and perfect the technique in screenplay form and structure. If you have these, surely you are on your way to success. A screen writer also has to work hard at home writing the script, enjoying the chance in winning awards, brushing shoulders with the most famous people in the industry and above all, has to endure the odds while selling the screenplay that will eventually make the script of a movie. Nevertheless, lots of people will beat the odds each year and succeed. Here are a few helpful tips:

1. For producers to buy your script and make it into a movie, it must first have a great and awesome movie idea. To better guide you on your quest for fame and stardom, list down scenes you want to see in a movie, make notes and be specific on it. Determine the genre of the movie, the location, title and characters. By doing this, it will be a lot easier to create your screenplay.
2. Research, research and research. Before you write anything, make sure that what you are writing has some truth in it, especially your location. With the help of screenplay form and structure you will be benefited from its edited volume of practical tutorials from established and known screenwriters, novelists, script doctors and directors.
3. Now you can begin writing your treatment, which are the acts of the movie divided into scenes. There is no limit to the number of scenes per act but usually a movie only has three main acts; the beginning, the conflict and the resolution.
4. Start to burn the midnight candle by writing your script. A mind blowing, story will surely put you on a successful position. Screenplays follow a certain format but you can use other scriptwriting software that will do the formation for you automatically and all you need to do is write.
5. Once you are done, review your work and have family members or friends critique it for you. Then, rewrite it as best as you can. Consult entertainment industry professional if you have access to them. Submit your sample work with the Writers Guild to protect it from copyright infringement.

These are the things that you need to do to become a successful screenwriter. For more information about writing screenplays, invest in a copy of by Alan Von Altendorf ‘s book Screenplay Form And Structure. It is a great addition to your library and a unique resource for students and professional screenwriters alike.