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How to Succeed When Developing Mobile Applications

A robust mobile strategy is one of the best ways for businesses to connect with customers. Building successful mobile applications are an important element of strategies to engage, inform, and build new opportunities with customers, associates, and staff. According to new research from IBM, 90 percent of global enterprises are planning to sustain or increase their investment in mobile technologies in the coming months. Successful mobile apps are those that can deliver the same quality experience across all mobile platforms, operating systems and networks. Let’s look at what industry experts have to say on how organizations can succeed with mobile app development and what they should do to avoid failure in their endeavors.

What Industry Experts Say

According to Gartner Inc., using traditional practices to define and develop desktop applications will no longer be successful due to device diversity, network connectivity and other mobile-specific factors. The issue is that most enterprise development teams are only trained in these traditional practices. To succeed, developers need to use functional, performance, test load and user experience and also responsive development practices.

Perfecto Mobile recently released a report on a survey of ‘Why Mobile Apps Fail’ covering around 900 respondents from a variety of industries including high tech, financial services, and telecommunications. As per the report, 44 percent of the defects are traced by the user, 24 percent from direct feedback, and another 20 percent from public user reviews. The main reasons for mobile app failure were identified as

  • Insufficient Device Coverage — 63%
  • Lack of Reliable Automation — 48%
  • Needs More Time for Testing — 47%

User issues were identified as those related to:

  • User interface – the app is a new category for most users
  • Performance – constrained by the nature of the platform and screen size
  • Functionality – shorter session lengths and facility for limited presentation
  • Device compatibility – poor application workflow or poor responsiveness

When users discover bugs and abandon the app, investment and brand reputation are badly affected. All these factors have made the development of mobile applications a challenging one, with developers struggling to come up with interesting and innovative apps to entice customers.

Addressing the Challenges

Critical measures to reduce mobile apps defects include more performance testing, more device/OS coverage, and more functional testing. According to Gartner, developers should design an optimal user interface and combine it with a workflow that represents how users actually work. Also, the testing of mobile apps should be conducted across a combination of device types and operating system (OS) as the OS behaves differently for each mobile app. Behavior of OS varies with the actual device on which it is being used and the wireless network to which the device connects to.

Perfecto Mobile offers the following tips to reduce errors while performing mobile application development.

  • Using cloud-based Device-as-a-Service helps to assure sufficient device and OS coverage, by which teams can well focus on testing
  • Using an automated tool to test more with fewer resources and greater consistency
  • Adapting a monitoring system to provide early detection of performance, before being identified by users

Mobile apps need to be frequently analyzed and revised to meet end-user requirements and expectations. User experience test results are being used to ensure agile app development practices to ensure that the final product meets the purpose for which it is being developed.

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