How to successfully promote your health products at a trade show

You may own a little store with health products, natural remedies or anything else of the sorts. You may actually be a manufacturer of such products or you may sell or even make fitness equipment or anything else that promotes healthy living. One of the best ways to promote your brand is to exhibit at health trade shows which are very popular and which attract so many people. That being said, you need to know how to utilize a trade show and you need to know how to attract people to your booth and how to wow them.

Do some promotion beforehand
Your trade show experience should not start on the opening day. It starts some time before that. Before you even start exhibiting at a trade show, make sure you spread the word that you will be there. Make it known on your website; spread the word via social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Talk about what you will be exhibiting, what people can see at your booth and what kinds of deals they might find there. You can tell your customers to come and visit you at the forthcoming trade show; you can even print out exciting and interesting flyers. Go crazy!

Come up with the perfect booth
They say that designing and displaying the perfect booth is half the job done at a trade show. This is true for you as well. You need to think long and hard about what you will be exhibiting and how much space you need. You must not have too little space and have people cramming and you must also never have a huge, vacant booth that will always look empty because it was just too big. You should consider putting in iPad stands where your visitors will be able to find out more about your products, perhaps check their health, and play some games that you will later reward and so on.

Put on a show
If you want to stand out, make sure that you put on a show. Anyone can lay out their products on a counter and answer people’s questions. Think about hiring some entertainment that will attract people to your booth. Remember that it is all about making people come your way – your products will do the rest. Organize contests and games for the visitors, hire actors to talk about your products or even put on a little show for the visitors. Get people’s attention.

Offer freebies
It may sound like a corny idea, but freebies are something everyone loves. No one will mind getting a small sample of your latest healthy hand cream, or a go at one of your fitness machines. People want to engage at trade shows and they will never have anything against free stuff. Always make sure that your logo is visibly displayed and that people remember where they got that cool toy or something like that. You are promoting your brand, not just your products or services.

Our final piece of advice is to be helpful and patient at all times. People will come to you with questions and you need to sell, sell, sell. You will be your own biggest asset if you know how to work the crowd and how to connect with people.