How to Survive a Heart Attack When You Are Alone

imageA heart attack is brought about by a decrease in the flow of blood to the heart, which ends up harming its muscles, either partially or completely. An attack is a very painful, alarming and chilling life-experience for anyone and is even more complicated to handle if you are alone and are not sure about what to do. If you are a heart patient and prone to suffering from heart attacks, you must remain aware and be able to recognize the basic symptoms that give you an indication of the same. Some of the major symptoms of a possible heart attack are feeling breathless, experiencing tight and multiplied pressure in the region of the chest and having diverging ache in the neck or arms. Experiencing some of these common symptoms should make you aware of a heart attack; but at the same time, it is very essential for you to remain calm and cool during such an episode.

If you have a bad history of heart illnesses and are travelling around, you need to carry a device that not only observes and records the conditions of your heart, but also detects the nearest hospital. Such a gadget is very important and is the key to saving your life when there is no one to help you and you are left alone. In short, these kind of gadgets assist you with receiving emergency medical help and often end up giving you a new lease of life. If you also feel you are experiencing any of the heart attack symptoms mentioned above while driving, you need to drive more carefully and immediately call for medical assistance. Explain to the medical assistant that you are a heart patient and are experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack. This will make him very alert, and he would be mentally prepared to give his best to save your life.

You should then follow his advice and drive up to the shortest distance possible while you are in your senses. Get emergency treatment for the same and get assessed by your cardiologist. Do everything possible to maintain a healthy and strong heart. Alternatively, exercise regularly on a moderate level and follow a healthy and correct lifestyle. Avoid smoking and drinking as much as possible and refrain from worrying excessively. Try to remain cheerful, make friends and go out with them on adventures and fun trips. Following these measures ensures that you have a healthy and strong heart and that you don’t succumb to such attacks even if you get one.

Getting acquainted with Cough CPR and following it is one of the other major and effective ways and means to make sure that you combat your attack safely and have taken all the necessary steps to save your life. The methods and procedures of Cough CPR advise you to cough at timely an cyclic intervals while being or driving alone till you reach the hospital or get medical emergency facilities. In some other worse cases, this technique might not help you and can deteriorate your condition. Remain alert about heart diseases and heart attack(, it always helps.