How to Survive and Thrive in the Wondrous World of Minecraft!

          I remember the first time I ever played Minecraft. I spawned, stared at the sun for ten minutes, then at night ran around screaming like a little girl. Second time, I lived in a hole. Third time, I build a dirt house! Yay….. 

Now, you don’t want that fate do you, so listen up! 

So we spawn, punch some wood!                                                                                                     This is important, as it helps us build tools and houses to mine and dig more resources to build and craft even more! But remember, this should be the FIRST thing you do as soon as you spawn! 

Make a shelter to hide from mobs!                                                                                                   This will hopefully a house, will stop us from getting brutally murdered and torn apart, limb by limb. We can also live it it! Impossible? Not in Minecraft! 

Mine some resources, like a boss!                                                                                                   Mine. Dig. Mine. Dig. Simple, right? Don’t worry if you get iron then don’t want to waste it as you don’t find anymore iron to replace it. That wont happen. Hopefully…

Light your house, with torches! 
I mean, you can’t even see in the dark! Torches will stop mobs from spawning, so it’s a good idea to light up a large area. Beware, light doesn’t repel mobs. I know from experience.

Kill the mobs over there! 
YAY! Revenge! Wear armor and craft a sword. Or a bow and arrow and snipe them down. Make sure you have slept in a bed first, otherwise if you die, you might lose your house!

Build some more! 
The most important step! Minecraft is your imaginary oyster. The sky is the limit. Do whatever you like! Build a house! Build a village! Build a town! Build a city! Build… stuff.