How to Sync Your Browser's Bookmark With iPad or iPhone?

Bookmarking of web pages is a wonderful tool available on all the browsers that help you in making a repository of your most preferred and favored pages. But in light of the changing computing trends, it has become a common practice to use different devices for surfing the web.

So, it will be a great help if one can access the browsing records of one device from a different device. Now, there are ways to sync bookmarks between your desktop and your iPad or iPhone. It means, if you have bookmarked certain web pages while using your desktop, then on using or iPhone or iPad, you need not bookmark those web pages again, as you can simply get the desktop bookmarks synced in your iPhone or iPad.

Google Chrome Sync

Google has an official Chrome app for iPad and iPhone and also Google Chrome has the built-in sync feature for bookmarks. If you use Chrome on your desktop and want to access the bookmarks made in your desktop from your iPhone or iPad, then you need to perform the following steps:

• Log in to Chrome browser using your Google account
• Once you log in, Chrome Sync on your desktop gets automatically enabled
• You can check this by opening Chrome’s settings screen and confirm that you’re signed in
• Now click on “Advanced Sync Settings” button and ensure bookmark syncing is enabled
• Next, download Chrome app from the App Store and install it on your iPhone or iPad
• Sign in with the same Google account that you used to log into Google Chrome
• Once you sign in all your bookmarks and other data like your open browser tabs, etc will get synced automatically

As Chrome browser is compatible with various platforms, so the ability to synchronize the browser data between different devices is a very helpful feature.

Access Bookmarks in Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, or Chrome via iCloud

Also, bookmarks are browser-specific, means if you have bookmarked a web page in Google Chrome you can’t have those web pages in Mozilla Firefox or IE. Devices like iPad or iPhone brings to you the unique facility of syncing the bookmarks made in different browsers. Now you don’t have to worry when after using the Safari for an hour, you suddenly realize that yesterday you were using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer or Chrome and had bookmarked all the relevant web pages on a different browser while today you need those on Safari.

The bookmark sync facility in your iPhone and iPad will help you access the bookmarks made in different browsers. Whether you use Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari you can easily sync your browser’s bookmarks.

To get started, perform the following steps:

• Download Apple’s iCloud Control Panel application for Windows and install it
• Launch the iCloud Control Panel
• Log in with your Apple ID that you use on your iPad or iPhone
• Click the “Options” button to select the browser which bookmarks you want to synchronize into Safari, say you choose Internet Explorer.
• Once done, you’ll be able to access your bookmarks in Internet Explorer from the Safari browser on your iPad or iPhone

Manual Bookmark Sync
Not just browsers, while using iTunes also, you can sync the bookmarks between your computer and your iPad or iPhone. However, here you have to do this manually when you connect your iPhone or iPad to your system via USB. To access this option, perform the following steps:

• Connect your device to your computer
• Select the device in iTunes
• Click the Info tab

However, you don’t need to rely on this option if you’ve set up iCloud syncing in iTunes.

Integrating the bookmarks sync facility in iPhone and iPad, Apple has really delighted its users allowing them to be more fast and flexible in their browsing habits.

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