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How To Take Care Of Lips?

Extreme weather conditions and unhealthy and shabby lifestyles today lead to chapping and ruining of lips. Lip care has been a point of concern since always as lips are one of the most striking features that human anatomy has. We thought to jot down most important of lip care tips and some natural and home remedies, easy to follow. These tips will be helpful for women as well as men to enhance their lips to a better colour, skin and shape making them all the more attractive.

Protect Lips From Hot And Cold Weather
Extreme weather conditions like excessive cold or hot has always been harmful for lips. There are various products in the market that save our lips from getting dried and affected with these conditions covering them by their external membrane, also keeping them hydrated. But the main point of concern is that are we using the correct and a natural brand that is just right for the delicate membrane of our lips? Make sure you choose a trusted naturally based brand for your lips with the correct SPF as extreme cold as well as hot leave lips dry and cracked, and this is why these products keep them locked, leaving them soft.

Use Good Lip Products
Quality in cosmetics these days is a dangerous concern. Make sure when you are choosing lipsticks, lip balms, sunscreens, butters, moisturizers or nay lip product, they belong to a trusted brand and are chemical free which are very harmful. Natural extract based products are harmless as well as nutritive for lips. Make sure the harmful chemicals of these cosmetics do not harm your lips. There are many online lip plumper reviews available.

Deep Clean Your Lips Once a Week
Our body is ours, and we definitely need to spare sometime in maintaining it, enhancing it and taking care of it. It is very important to exfoliate lips properly. This takes away dead cells, dirt and other pollutants which are very harmful for lips. A naturally made scrub is easily available in the market, and apart from this you can also use certain home made products for scrubbing (later discussed in this article). The scrub massage actually helps in getting free from dirtiness and impurities making the lips lighter. So do not forget to get your lips deep clean once a week for a lovely and beautiful.

Moisturize Lips
Moisturization is another important step when you are taking care of your lips. Dryness occurs in the thin membrane of the lips making them chapped and flaky, especially in extreme weather conditions. Moisturization can be done with good and trusted moisturizers specially made for the mild and dry texture of the lips. Make sure that the product you use contains Vitamin E. Petroleum jellies and natural extracts based lip butters and balms are also good options for moisturization of lips. Drink a lot of water to keep them naturally hydrated.

Massage your Lips
We generally overlook the care of our lips, taking care of our hair, facial skin, teeth, eyes, etc. Massaging of lips is a very significant steps to keep them fuller, voluptuous, soft and attractive. Massaging improves blood circulation making them redder and softer. Massage exercises keep them softer, hydrated and the muscles of the lips bright, fresh and relaxed. Using ice cube, olive oil, honey, etc for massages is extremely helpful for the same.

Eat Lip-Friendly Foods
Lifestyle and healthy eating habits are the most important steps for one’s well being. Keeping your diet nutritive, full of minerals, vitamins and fibres can help you attain those beautiful full lips. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, cereals, dried fruits, etc are good to keep lips nourished. Avoid tea, coffee, soup and other junk or spicy foods. Extreme hot beverages destroy thin membrane of lips damaging and darkening them. Drink plenty of water so as to keep you skin, lips and hair naturally hydrated and thus soft.

Improve Your Habits
As we repeatedly mention, a good lifestyle is an answer to all the health problems.

  • Nicotine, tobacco, alcohol, etc are very harmful for lips. You should quit smoking and in-taking excessive alcohol, tea or coffee in order to attain good and beautiful lips.
  • Also, remember that licking harms the lips as saliva dries the thin membrane of lips.
  • Also, do not bite your lips, this leaves them chapped and cracked. If you strongly hold yourself from biting even in challenging psychological state, that generally people do, you will face lesser problems related to lips.
  • Exfoliate and moisturize lips quickly after your bath. This won’t take much time and you shall attain a lot- a full beautiful pair of lips.
  • Do not forget to remove the coats of cosmetic from your skin and lips and massage them with olive oil or any other moisturiser.

Take Care Of Lips Naturally
The following products are very helpful to take care of your lips most naturally and conveniently at home itself:

  • Lemon juice that removes dead cells and brightens the lips
  • Honey that hydrates and softens the lips beautifully.
  • Rose petals and milk cream that provides pink tone, moisturizes as well as volume to the lips.
  • Aloe Vera that has amazing anti oxidants and nutritive values to nourish the lips

These tips, if you religiously follow, sparing some time out of your busy schedule, you will definitely be the master/ mistress of most beautiful pair of lips. Assured!

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