News How to take care of your laptop properly

How to take care of your laptop properly


The best laptops are not only judged by the brand or specifications, but also by how we care for them. Caring for a laptop is an essential element in maintaining quality. We definitely want to work with a laptop that is healthy, fast and modern. Therefore, we need to know how to take care of a laptop properly. Below are some tips that you can do.

1. Keep your laptop to direct sunlight.

Laptops are very sensitive to direct sunlight. Your laptop will be broken if we do not protect against direct sunlight. In addition, the temperature of your laptop will heat faster. Try to put the laptop in a cool room.

2. Do not place the laptop on the bed.

If you put the laptop on the bed, the air and heat circulation inside the laptop will not run properly. This will cause your laptop heat and it does not work optimally. Try to put the laptop on a flat like on the table. It will maintain air circulation on the laptop as well as your laptop hard drive will work optimally.

3. Clean your laptop

Without us knowing it, we will be exposed to dust laptops. Dust can be entered through the keyboard sidelines. If not immediately cleaned it will disrupt the performance of the machine. It also can make your keyboard jammed. Clean up your laptop with a tissue and a vacuum cleaner regularly.

4. Keep your laptop from electromagnetic

Keep your laptop from the object that contains the electromagnetic vibrations. This thing is like a cellphone, loudspeaker, magnets, and other items that contain vibration. In addition, keep your laptop from airport X-ray beam.

5. Take care of your battery

Use your laptop battery properly. Charge your battery when the laptop is off. And, if your laptop battery will run out when you’re working, then simply fully charge your battery. Do not let your laptop shutdown suddenly. This will make your hard drive is damaged.

So tips that must be done to properly care for your laptop. I hope you liked the little bit of information from us. Finally, I would like to thank you for your visit. Hopefully this article useful for you.

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How to take care of your laptop properly
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