News How to Test Potential Software-Driver Conflicts?

How to Test Potential Software-Driver Conflicts?


If you have a computer then, you have to deal with computer problems as well. Software-driver conflicts are one of the very usual forms of computer errors that users encounter. This article explains how you can test software-driver conflicts and prevent a big mishap from happening.

Despite the best care taken, a machine is prone to issues and problems. And if you are little bad at taking care of your computer or laptop then you have just no chances of being excused from serious computer issues. There can be different types of issues like operating system issues, hard drive errors, software conflicts, software errors, etc. This article covers the driver conflict issues.

You usually get to realize about a potential software conflict when you start receiving error messages while running software or when the software fails to run. If you frequently get such error messages and don’t find any specifically documented solution about it, then there are chances that your PC is at the verge of getting software-driver conflict. To test the potential conflict with the software or drivers in your machines, you can try out the following methods.

How to Test Software conflicts?

To test for software conflicts, you need to run the program or software in Diagnostic Mode. Perform the following steps to access the Diagnostic Mode. Note here, this tutorial is applicable to Windows XP only.

• Go to the Start menu of Windows
• Click on Run
• Enter MSCONFIG in the Run dialog box
• Then, click ‘OK’
• That will open the ‘System Configuration Utility’ dialog box
• Navigate to the ‘General’ tab
• Select the ‘Diagnostic Startup option’
• Now, move to the ‘Services’ tab
• Here, select the check boxes for the following
• ‘Autodesk Licensing Service’
• ‘Windows Installer’
• Then, click OK.

You will be prompted to reboot the machine. Agree to it and reboot it. You might have to wait a little longer, and the device will take a little bit extended time to reboot. The machine will reboot into Diagnostic Mode. When your system is in Diagnostic Mode, it is not loaded with any optimized drivers.

Once the machine finishes rebooting, you need to test program startup. Here you can have two results.

Result 1

You will see no errors or failures. That means there is some conflict with some driver or program. Because when your computer was running in normal mode with drivers loaded it showed errors and now when you have removed the drivers, it shows no errors. That means the errors were because of the drivers only.

With this result, the troubleshooting wizard will provide you the related solutions for tracking down the offended driver. Follow the instruction of the wizard to find out the faulty driver. Now restart your computer in the Normal Mode and uninstall the faulty driver. To restart the computer in Normal Mode, perform the following steps:

• Go to the Start menu of Windows
• Click on Run
• Enter MSCONFIG in the Run dialog box
• Then, click ‘OK’
• That will open the ‘System Configuration Utility’ dialog box
• Navigate to the ‘General’ tab
• Select the ‘Normal Start’ option
• Then, click OK and allow the machine to reboot when prompted.

After uninstalling the faulty driver, you need to download the updated driver from the official site of the software/program. It will resolve the potential driver conflict.

Result 2

The second possibility is that the program continues to fail even in the Diagnostic Mode. That indicates the program is having corrupted installation issues. Here also, the wizard will assist you with the related solutions on how you can perform a clean reinstallation of the Autodesk program. After the reinstallation of the program, you need to reboot your computer in the Normal Mode performing the aforementioned steps. That will help you in troubleshooting computer problems related to corrupt software installation.

If you succeed in recognizing a potential driver conflict, then you can stop it from befalling by getting the corrupted driver uninstalled. Then you can install fresh and updated drivers, which will improve the software’s performance and also the workflow of your PC.

How to Test Potential Software-Driver Conflicts?
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