How to Top an Interview

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Going for an interview is not less than a nightmare. And all the students especially who have just completed their MBA Degree are very nervous and awaiting their job placements. When going for an interview for a particular position makes you extremely nervous, uneasy and you even feel whether you are fit for the job or no. but don’t fear I am here with a few guidelines that will help you give the interview and stay calm throughout the interview and positively you can grab that popular job. And if you are doing your MBA from a good MBA College then you need not worry as they will very well prepare you the best and the worst of situation.

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Before you go for the interview it is very important that you know some important facts about the company. There are chances that there is not much to know about the company but it better to know even the few things that the company has to be aware of. You never know which question will come your way in the interview. As said “precaution is better than cure” it is better to know something than knowing nothing. If you are able to have a small discussion on the company during your interview it might impress the interviewer. Completing your homework before you go for the interview is very important if you want to top the interview.

During your MBA Degree they do give you all the tips of clearing the interview so make the optimum use of it. If you want to stay calm and peaceful, it is advisable that you do a few mock interviews with your friends or colleagues at your MBA College, so that you are well prepared for it. You can do a small role with one of your family member; friends from your MBA College whom you think will be able to behave like an interviewer. Then you take a feedback from them and try to improve on those aspects. You can expect a complete makeover overnight but you can surely make a few changes to it. And when it comes to the actual interview, you will be happy and satisfied that you did mock interviews and were able to make a few changes to it.

One very common question that usually all interviewers ask during the interview is, “Why do want to join our company or why do you think we should hire you?” To answer these questions you should be prepared with at least three reasons and also explain those in detail if asked. Most of the people go cold on this question, so if you are ready with your answers you are sure to crack the interview.

One more important thing that you need to keep in mind is to check the place where your interview is, so that incase you don’t know the place, you can go and find out the directions and the distance and also plan from which route it will be easier for you to reach the interview destination. Why this important is because you need to know how much time it will take you to reach the interview destination, so that you could reach there on time (means 10-15 minutes before the interview). You need to reach there on time, because if you are late you have left a bad impression on them. There may be many reasons for you to be late like, there is unexpected traffic/accident, or it took you along time to find a parking place. So you need to manage your time well on that day. Punctuality is an important aspect that will count at the time of your interview.

Make use of the body language tips given to you during the MBA Program as they take you along way in life. You need to have a good sitting posture while the interview is going on; don’t slouch it will not leave a good impression. Speak clearly, slowly and be specific. Your body posture and your mannerism give them a clue about your overall personality. Be confident and show confident! There is no harm in asking questions as this will tell them that you are an active listener and that you have studied about the company. When you shake hands at the beginning and at the end of the interview make sure its not neither too hard nor too soft and palms should not be sweaty and wet.

Once your interview is complete thank the interviewers for giving their precious time. Time has its own value and by thanking the interviewer for their time they feel appreciated and is a kind gesture that all like to receive.

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