How To Track A Western Union Money Transfer?

How to Track a Western Union Money Transfer

Transferring money through Western Union is certainly a safe way of getting money to your recipient in a far away country or state for that matter but even then, learning how to track a western union money transfer is essential. With the kind of scams or sometimes just delays that can be detrimental and worse, depending on how quick the money was needed by your recipient, it pays to be a little more vigilant in making follow up of the money you sent until you are sure that it has finally reached the recipient. Also considering that tracking your western union money transfer is really not that difficult, why not?

How to track money transfers

Commonly you will be required to visit any of the western union agent offices to help you with the tracking of your money transfer. The procedure is quite simple because once there you will just inform the officer in charge that you want to track a money transfer that you had made earlier on and he will guide you through the rest of the process. However for security purposes, everyone who wants to have their money transfer to be tracked needs to have a valid identification card with them that will primarily prove their identity to avoid cases where an imposter can be given information about your money transfer which is supposed to be private and confidential.

In addition to providing an identification card, the officer will need your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to successfully track the money.

Online Tracking

If the above procedure is a little more tedious for you, you can go for the online tracking process which is more convenient. With online tracking you will first go to the website of western union and on their homepage, you will see a link that is written ‘track transfer’, click on it. You will then be asked for a few details to prove authenticity like your names and your Money Transfer Control Number as well. Usually if you provide correct details of these two, you should be able to be given the full tracking details of your money transfer with western union.

Importance of tracking money transfer

The good thing about tracking your money transfer is that you will be certain that the money has actually got to the recipient. Secondly if there are any suspicious delays that western union can’t explain, they can help you get hold of your money to prevent any kind of scam from taking place if the case looks like some kind of fraud. At times some delays may be caused by the sender providing faulty information making there to be hitches in finalizing the transfer. Tracking the transfer therefore will enable such mistakes for instance a wrong recipient name used to be identified and corrected in due course.

Well, with the above tips tracking your money transfer shouldn’t be a problem anymore. In fact, to be sure of the tracking information given, you can track a western union money transfer using both methods to clarify whether the information given is correct.