How to Track, Disable, and Wipe a Lost iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or a Mac, each Apple device is capable of storing your valuable information, data, files, and many other documents that are highly confidential and privacy oriented. A lost Apple device can be a threat to user’s identity, financial information, and social security. In order to keep you and your device secure, Apple has incorporated some computer-tracking tools in phone, tablet, and mainframe PCs. These tools allow you to remotely locate your device, disable it, and setting it to factory resets, or even wipe it out to erase all the crucial and sensitive data. Apple devices don’t come with this feature enabled by default hence, you will be required to manually enable it to remotely track, lock, or wipe your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

How to enable ‘Find My iPhone,’ ‘Find My iPad,’ or ‘Find My Mac’

Being a part of Apple’s iCloud service, the ‘Find My’ feature can only be enabled, if a user has signed into his iCloud account.

1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app, tap on the ‘iCloud’ option, and then set the ‘Find My iPhone’ or ‘Find My iPad slider’ to ‘On’ mode.
2. Open the ‘System Preferences’ window on your Mac, click on the ‘iCloud’ icon, and checkmark the ‘Find My Mac’ box.

Note: Always remember to create a strong password for your iCloud account because a weak password may give a chance to hackers to log into your account and remotely lock or wipe your device.

How to protect your device, if ‘Find My’ feature is enabled:

1. Sign in to or ‘Find My app’ from any other iOS device.

2. The feature will help you to locate your device, hence, open ‘Find My’ screen, and select a device from the list to view its location on a map.
(You can use the ‘Play a sound’ feature to help you or someone nearby to find it, if the device location is close.)

3. If it is not marked in a close place or vicinity, then turn on the ‘Lost Mode’ as it helps you to remotely lock your device with a four-digit pass code.
(This feature will help you display a custom message with your contact details on the missing device’s Lock screen that will help you recover it easily, if anyone finds it.)

4. Report your lost or stolen device to local law enforcement and they will ask you for the serial number of your device to confirm that you’re an original owner.
(The serial number can be easily obtained from the original box or receipt or view it from the On My Support Profile (, if you’ve registered your device with Apple ID.)

5. If none of the above mentioned features works, simply ‘Erase your device’ in order to prevent anyone else from accessing the crucial data stored on the missing device. Once you’ll erase the device, then although it will not be traceable by you but to your respite your all the information will be deleted so it does away with the chances of data misappropriation. After you erase a device, ‘Activation Lock’ will be turned off and any other user can activate and use the missing device but he will have no data of yours.

How to protect your device, ‘Find My’ feature isn’t enabled

If you haven’t turned on the ‘Find My’ feature on your Apple’s device, then your device can’t be located on a map however, you can use the below mentioned steps to protect your data:

1. Change your Apple ID password to stop anyone from accessing your iCloud data
2. Change all the passwords used for accessing other Internet accounts such as email accounts, Facebook, or Twitter.
3. Report about your device to local law enforcement.
4. Report your missing device to your wireless partner as they can disable the account, prevent phone calls, texts, and data usage.

The Apple’s ‘Find My’ feature is a really a helpful tool while looking for your missing, lost, or stolen Apple device. This amazing feature lets you track or locate a missing device on the map and also offers guide-through to the exact location. Enabling the ‘Find My’ feature is an activity that an Apple user should conduct as soon as he owns an Apple device to assure optimal safety of the device, during theft, lost, and missing device situations.

You can easily look for other solutions provided by Apple to ensure that your device is safe, even after it is lost, stolen, or missing. No matter, how expensive an Apple device is, these amazing device-tracking and remote-locking solutions let you feel free about the stored data, when it gets misplaced or stolen.

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