How To Track Someone Using An iPhone

Want to learn how to track someone using an iPhone? Maybe you want to keep an eye on your kid or even the spouse.. In the era of smartphones, there is hardly any task that cannot be done on these devices. The same goes for tracking someone. If you want to track someone, then you can easily do so with your iPhone. It is important to realize though that this should not be done on any phone illegitimately. Opt for the phone tracking functions only if there is a real necessity for it.

How To Track Someone Using An iPhone

Set up a phone tracker on the target phone

Before you can start tracking someone on your iphone, you need to prepare their phone so that it can be tracked. For this, it is important to install a phone tracker app in the target phone. Such applications remain hidden and work on stealth mode in giving tracked information to the person monitoring it. You can get such applications on So, just install such a device on the target phone and switch on the GPS tracking device.

Monitor from your iPhone

Once you have registered and installed the tracking app on the target phone, you will be asked to register. After registration, you will get a username and password. Log on to your account using this username and password, and you will get direct access to all the information that are being collected on the target phone by the app. You not only are able to track the location, but also the call and text message logs and the internet browsing history. So you get a complete knowledge of the activities being done on the target phone. You see, learning how to track someone using an an iPhone isn’t difficult.

Tracking your iPhone with iCloud

If you want to track your iphone, as a measure against it being stolen or lost, then simply go to the settings and click on iCloud. There enter your account information and switch on the Find my Phone option. This will set up your phone as a location tracker. Cloud can be good, especially if you lost your phone or had it stolen. You need to have it installed before your phone become lost. Otherwise, there is really no benefit to setting this up..

Spy on someone using the i-Spy Tank App Controlled Tank

The first time I laid my eyes on this, I thought it was awesome. I will occasionally use it to spy on my kids outside when they are playing. When I’m warm in my pajamas, wandering around the house doing things, I don’t want to run outside to check up on them. Instead, I’ll just take a look at the screen and the i-Spy will show me everything. I’ve included a link below so you can read some of the reviews on Amazon.

How To Track Someone Using An iPhone