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How To Train A Dog To Walk On A Leash

Do you want to open a dog walking business as a full or part time job? Perhaps you want to help those who don’t have enough time to walk their own dog, always being busy with work. To start a puppy walking business, you will need to gather various items such as leashes, a large supply of bags, toys or the dogs to play with and so on. If this is just an additional service you offer, you may want to tell your customers that it is now available by handing out brochures and posting it up at your place of business.

If you love dogs, this is definitely a fun and rewarding experience. However, you need to be careful when walking 2-5 dogs at a time because they can easily drag you. Always to keep a firm grip on the leashes, and take along an extra bag plus a scooper. You don’t want to litter the area! Here are a few dog walking tips to get you started.

Puppy Walking Tips for Beginner Walkers

How to train a puppy to walk on a leash – The Basics

First of all, the collar should be placed correctly on your canine, generally at the very top of the neck area. Being in this area, you will be able to control the pet more easily because this is one of the most sensitive spots.

Always correct your dog if they are doing something wrong like straying off, sniffing the grass a few feet away or even lagging.

As a natural instinct of the dog, their ancestors often traveled in large packs. If you can, try to bring at least two dogs or more with you. Not only will this help you kill two birds with one stone but you will also allow the dogs to get along better. When they are around each other longer, they may grow used to one another. If you have two puppies that just won’t get along in the beginning, make sure they are separated when not under supervision.

How to leash train a puppy using positive enforcement

Give your puppy or puppies something to do when they are walking. They often love carrying items because this constitutes as a purpose for them to walk. You can strap on some water bottles in pet friendly attire which was designed for this.

Start out small, using treats to motivate your ‘little ball of joy’ to walk. If you are training the dog to learn to walk, you can set the treats in front of him to get your dog to the next step.

Never let the puppy walk directly in front of you. This is taking on the role of the pack leader and they will automatically assume that they can do whatever they would like. Instead, encourage your dog to walk side by side. This is only recommended for dogs that are walked one at a time.

Best Dog Leashes

For those of you who have a puppy, I recommend you get a short leash. No need for chain leashes or anything like that. If your dog is a runner and takes off quickly, get a leash that extends automatically. It has a button you can press to lock it so that way your dog doesn’t go too far.

Flexi Explore Retractable Cord Dog Leash

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