How to Travel On the Cheap

Most people are inveterate travelers, whether they know it or not, and there are hardly any people out there that wouldn’t like to see knew things, which typically involves travel. But in many cases, especially nowadays, travel can be quite expensive when you add up plane fare, rental cars, hotels, meals and such. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to travel for not a lot money or even completely free.

One way of traveling on the cheap is to house swap, meaning trade some time in your house for time in another person’s, preferably in a nice location (just as your house will need to be somewhere somebody would like to travel to). There are many websites out there on the internet that specialize in helping to arrange a house swap, where you can list your home and peruse the offerings of others, sometimes in very exotic places in the world. By house swapping you’ll at least have eliminated lodging expenses.

Another good way of ditching the expense of paying for lodging wherever it is you want to go is to offer to house sit somebody’s home. Again, the internet has made it possible to offer your services as a house sitter, and there are many people – nervous about leaving their homes unattended while they’re off on their own travel – who are looking for reliable and vetted (meaning you’ll need to supply references and the like) people to mind their houses.

If you like driving across country and sightseeing, but you don’t want to spend the gas to do so or put all that wear and tear on your car, consider signing up to transport other peoples’ cars. There’s a very active transport industry that specializes in having peoples’ cars driven from one destination to another, and it’s often far cheaper for people wanting their cars transported to use drivers than to have their vehicles put on a car carrier. Many services helping to arrange these sorts of “drive your car” activities will require a clean driving record and that you be at least 21 (sometimes 25) in order to do the driving, though.

If you want to fly somewhere and you don’t have a lot of money for air travel in the budget you’re going to need to be creative. There are a number of budget airlines, both in the United States and around the world, though, so check them out first. Oftentimes, if you don’t mind lining up and grabbing the first available seat upon boarding, or even paying a couple of dollar extra to check and then unload your own bag, you can save quite a bit of money when traveling by air. Also, if you’re extremely flexible with your travel, consider flying standby whenever possible.

Another way to get around the world, and even to be paid for it, is to act as a courier. Though the growth of the internet has diminished the secure courier trade in some respects, there are still plenty of corporations or businesses looking for people to courier high priority or sensitive items for them and they’re willing to pay the courier’s plane fare to do so (the courier usually doesn’t get meals or lodging, but usually always get a return plane ticket and something else to courier back).

If you have a travel bug that you just can’t get rid of but don’t have the greenbacks to take care of that bug, consider all of the above as low-cost or even free alternatives to paying for travel expenses. Plus, many such ways of traveling for cheap are fun and adventuresome in and of themselves.

Nik Halik is an Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Life Strategist, Successful Entrepreneur, Astronaut and Best Selling Author.

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