How to Treat and Prevent Hangnails

If you’ve ever had a hangnail, you know how painful they can be – thankfully there are a few easy ways you can treat and prevent hangnails quickly. There are a couple of main reasons why someone would get hangnails in the first place, and I think it’s important to understand this so you can prevent getting them in the future.

Why Do I Get Hangnails?

– This is caused mainly by people who bite their fingernails often as opposed to using a nailclipper. Try not to bite your nails!

– If you have dry skin and dead skin on your fingers, this is a probably cause of getting hangnails. A simple solution is to get a good hand lotion to moisturize.

– You may have jammed your hand or fingers when playing a sport or doing something athletic.

Hangnail Prevention Methods

How do I Prevent Hangnails?

– Get some of the best hand lotions. These will keep your skin healthy and clean and not dry which is a great way to prevent hangnails.

– Obviously, not biting your nails is a big way to prevent hangnails, as well as keeping your nails well-trimmed. Do not bite your fingernails!

– Keep your hands clean by washing them often and use a good antibacterial soap or lotion.

– Buy a good nail clipper to cut your nails BEFORE you can ever bite them. If you have hangnails already, you can use this to trim the nail and help it go away faster.

How Serious Is This?

– Are hangnails a serious health problem? While they might not seem like it at first, if you do not treat them it can definitely lead to an infection, such as paronychia. Consider using a good antibacterial lotion for moisturizing – this will help prevent them.

Hangnail Home Remedy

I’ve read that quickly putting lotion or rubbing alcohol on it then putting olive oil it immediately works. I haven’t tried this personally but I think it could work.

Hopefully after reading this article you now understand how to both treat and prevent hangnails in the future.