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How To Treat Oily Hair

Having oily hair can be manageable, but has no ‘cure’ if catalogáramos as condition. When the sebaceous glands secrete more oil than normal hair tends to be oily. However, you can take the following steps to prevent your hair look greasy or dirty.

1. Beware when you apply sunscreen to your face, moisturizers, masks, serums, exfoliators, cleansers or other products for the face, as these are run to the hair making it more oily. When applying any of these products do carefully, ie the excess cream never touches the hairline.

2. You should keep your hair as clean as possible and that includes avoiding the use of paints, foams, gels, oils or droplets to control hair frizz.

3. If you like to wear your hair curly all the time and has considered a permanent you will have the great advantage that this chemical process will help to minimize the fat in the hair, for being dehydrated hair chemical, including fat.

4. You may not touch the hair, comb or beyond fix some disheveled hair. Every time you bring your hands to your head you are depositing fat in your hair. If you find yourself tempted to touch your hair all the time, better pick it up in a ponytail or sideways with some buckles.

5. Not much you brush your hair, especially if you feel you are fat. Every time you spend a brush through your hair’re spreading the grease from the scalp to the rest of your hair. So when you do not have time to wash it prevents brush. Also wash your brushes weekly with soap and water. Here I tell you how to clean them properly.

6. Try not to use conditioners, masks or hair treatment to moisturize. When you do, just apply them to the ends or hair half down. Be sure to remove it completely when he rinses.

7. When do you apply the shampoo with warm water, but when water rinses to seal cuticles. Never use hot water. Contrary to other fats which easily out with hot water, in the case of hair, it functions differently. When you get in touch the scalp with hot water it stimulates the sebaceous glands worsening your condition oily hair.

8. Find a good shampoo for your hair and look beyond one that says ‘for oily hair’ (which balances the sebaceous glands) look at the ingredients. For example, you need the product pH is neutral so as not to upset the natural balance of your hair. Do not use so much shampoo sconces thinking that the more hair, the more you’re going to remove oils. When applying the shampoo to mix it with water before being diluted.

9. Wash it every two or more days. Never wash it every day, unless you’ve sweated too. If you go to the gym every day can opt for a dry shampoo, dry shampoo called and which is excellent for removing odors and add volume to your hair.

10. Try some home remedies such as using lemon. Add the juice of two lemons to a gallon of water. Once you wash and rinse your hair well, pour a gallon of ‘lemonade’ on the hair. The astringent properties of this fruit helps control sebum. The yogurt is so good for your hair as it is for the skin. And a mask you can do at home is to mix a small egg with a cup of yogurt. Apply to hair and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse your hair with warm water and continues to wash as usual.

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