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How to turn your home into an intelligent home for little money

How to turn your home into an intelligent home for little money
How to turn your home into an intelligent home for little money

Turn off lights, temperature control or open and close windows. It is the first thing one thinks of when hearing about smart homes, something that still sounds like science fiction despite the apparent simplicity of the most popular features.

However, what they call ‘smart homes’ you can go well beyond the simple control of light in your home and have little futurism: they are not only a reality but that you yourself can give a home automation touch to your home will not break .

The key is to Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Maybe you sound completely Chinese, or maybe think to handle these tools must have a high computer skill. But with a little patience you can learn to use these components and create your own automated them home. We are, without a doubt, to the DIY century.

Arduino is a microcontroller for managing sensors and ‘LEDs’ (among other things) while Raspberry is a minicomputer with which process data. Together they represent the future (if not present) of the so-called Internet of things, the basis on which to create your own smart home.

Flexibility and low cost are their most powerful weapons. On the one hand, it is technologies that can create products tailored to the needs of each. For example, a sensor network based on Arduino in a house can be expanded and used in multiple rooms to control every element of your home.

As for the cost, you do not think you embark on the project of making your home a smart home will knock down walls and fill it with cables. Arduino controlled sensors collect data that will process and that they will Raspberry your ‘smartphone’. All this for little money: an Arduino can cost just under 20 euros (that without resorting to any of the copies ‘low cost’ ones), the Raspberry Pi and about 30 euros each sensor around about two euros.

Now, What can serve that and how? A system created by yourself can become in your eyes and your ears while you’re away from home. Sensors of all kinds, Internet and email notifications keep you aware at all times of every little event to take place at home: from knowing if a new card in your mailbox until the exact moment that the washer He has finished doing the laundry.


As for how to carry out your project, the answer is (of course) on the Internet. The openness of Arduino makes it the perfect tool for smart home: the community around these places share blue code programs that develop, which means that everyone can modify it to your liking.

However, do not panic. It is open source, so if you have no idea of programming or inclination to take your first steps in that world, you have at your disposal and tons of code created for the development of tools that will make your home a smart place.


In fact, in the forum of the community of Arduino you can find even an ‘app’ and set free to control your home. You just have to take care of the material part: get down to work, unite sensors and components, before knowing what they want to control exactly because there are plenty of choices.

How to turn your home into an intelligent home for little money


To assemble, weld and prepare the components are not lacking in the Red tutorials that help you even in the smallest detail for you to create your own home of the future. Those same tutorials are showing the reality of a technology that seems to have limits: a smart home can serve much more than to open and close doors from your work.

It is the case of this tutorial, with which to control the temperature of your house and see if there is something in your mailbox are only the simplest functions. Thanks to him, for example, you can learn to create a system to alert you when your dog barking more than usual and activate the cameras installed power so watch your house. You could also combine sensors and speakers to sound an alarm when your washing machine is over or when water spillage.

Only examples of what you can carry out yourself and at low cost are, but anything that you can think is perfectly measurable and controllable from your ‘smartphone’. All this, filling your home sensors that capture every detail and bring it to the screen of your mobile. Imagine: measuring soil moisture for your plants to tell you when to water them or placed near the gas system other than to learn from the first minute when a dangerous escape occurs sensor.


This smart home knows no limits thanks to components such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, for which the only obstacle may be our laziness. Let’s do it! It’s easy, simple and for the whole family.


By: EsamPim

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